Stroked and bored, whos done it?

Pretty rare to see a stroker. Full-custom cranks are more than most can manage.
I think the biggest I've seen here is an 860cc overbore with some creative piston and sleeve work. Don't know if the heads can keep up with that kind of displacement on the top end, but I bet the torque is fun.
you can get them out to close to a 1000cc I belive, can get 840 kits(85mm bore)here in oz big problem with stroking is that you have to lift the barells up witch makes it tricky getting into std frame,check out aussie club site click on Geffs turbo
hi guys i met a guy at scorsby swap met in melbourne australia a few years ago and he had a xs650 when i went over /started talking he said its a 1000cc ,,, and the trick was a spacer under the barrells which was the pitch of the cam chain and monster bore etct... you have to bore the trans as well to fit it all in correctly regards oldbiker
I went to buy a chopper from a guy.
Original engine was a non-runner since the cam guide had given up and plastic and metal shavings was all over the engine, he didn't have time to fix it. But I would get a complete spare engine with it that was laying on the side.
He said the spare probably was tuned to 700cc. I liked the deal and bought it all.

Back home I fitted the spare enigne, ran like hell. But the kickstart gear was busted and no electric starter, so I put it in the corner of the garage and rebuilt the original engine instead, runs good now.

Later i, via an ad for xs650 spares got hold of the guy who sold him that 700cc-spare engine (I told him that i just bought a xs from a guy in the same town and from there we figured it out). Anyway, the "PO's PO" told me it was a 750cc but not built by him, oh no it was "built by an old Swedish legend engine builder..."

Oboy oboy i thought, so i removed the top on the spare engine: Tadaa!
It was bored to 87mm with original stroke. Thats a 880cc.
Now all I need is time... it will go on my tracker someday.

Cool story man, good thing you held onto it! Im not looking to do much in the way of displacement increase, maby a mikes 750 kit if any. Mostly looking for neat stories and such.