Sumotrack rebuild

Same here. Think it was about $200 and 25yrs ago. But yeah... they're great to have.
I'd love something a little bigger and more rigid, but the $3k+ price has me keeping the atlas. But the atlas paired with the Induma 1s knee mill lets me do plenty. I'm lucky to have the lathe and a full size knee mill with less than $2k invested total to include tooling.
Sump filter progress. Need to get a filter, deburr and clean parts, and plug the end of the cross drilled hole.
Ok, I decided to move to a dual trigger setup for ignition. I have an extra microsquirt in a drawer so I'll use it for ignition only so I can keep the LS coils and not make a new mount.

Now my issue came when I started shopping 36-1 trigger wheels. $50+ for an off the shelf one I could modify or over $100 for a custom one. So that got me looking at options, and the one I settled on was sendcutsend. I drew up what I need for the crank trigger and drew up a single tooth cam wheel. For 3 crank wheels and 2 cam wheels it didn't quite get to the $30 minimum from sendcutsend. So after tax with shipping the total came out to $31 and some change. Ordered yesterday, supposed to be shipped monday. So I'll have a full review of their service by middle of next week.
I like that idea, thinking it could be used for a PMA and Gonzo ignition set up.

That's the plan. 36-1 trigger wheel on crank, single tooth cam wheel, both will use allegro ats627 gear tooth sensors for pickup. They'll feed info to the microsquirt to run LS ignition coils. Eventually I'll have it back on EFI, but for the moment it'll just control ignition.
Made a degree wheel adapter. It's a bit longer installed than I thought, I'll shorten it if I need it again. Used it to finalize the trigger wheels location. Unfortunately I went to tack the crank wheel in place and found the battery died in my welding helmet.
Got some mail from Ivan today. As far as I know he is the only person selling high ratio primary gears and 270* crank pins. I have the high ratio gears in this bike, and it's already a 277, so this will be for the XS in the shed.
Working on fitting a number plate to hide the wiring, horn and headlight mounts. So far I'm pretty happy with the fit. I'll add mounts at all 4 corners and atleast 1 in the center. I did a better job of making the opening this time too.

While I'm working on the xs I've been commuting on a DRZ. These things are way more fun with some mods. It's pushing probably 75% more power than stock now. Somewhere north of 50hp, as it made just under that before I added the stroker crank.
Getting some more done, number plate mounts just need a little trimming. And I made a replacement for the chinese ebay license plate bracket. I was never happy with it because the aluminum was so soft the screws wouldn't stay tight and it would start shaking all over the place. Now that can't happen.
Like the pipes! Any chance you got some inspiration pics from the insides? Looking for ways to increase the silencing on my pipes
Earlier in this thread I have a pic of the baffles. They are pretty basic, just a 2" perforated tube wrapped with fiberglass packing. Don't know how they sound yet, hopefully soon.
Earlier in this thread I have a pic of the baffles. They are pretty basic, just a 2" perforated tube wrapped with fiberglass packing. Don't know how they sound yet, hopefully soon.
I have similar baffles in my blue tracker. I tried fiberglass muffler pack (comes in sheets) and was not impressed. Coarse stainles brillo allow the expansion into the cone while still muffling a bit. YRMV
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