The 2021 and 2022 Texas Fandango

Dang! again. NOS carb bodies for free???

I have no idea who the TX650 parts guy from 3 years ago is. If it's the Burnet Motorcycle Museum guy, I have never seen that bike of his with the scrambler pipes before.
Never heard of that museum, but it definitely needs to be visited.
Last weekend was the 2022 Texas Fandango in Fredericksburg, Texas.
DogBunny hauled his trophy winning '73 "Rust Bucket" in his El Camino to my place, and Jack (Team Junk) showed up on his racy R3.


We had a nice lil' 15-mile backwoods country ride to the event.
Quite a big turnout this year.

Took a break from the sun to watch some of the vintage flattrackers.


Have some more pics, will post them after a bit...
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Like last year, the large Exposition building held the Vintage bike show. At least a hundred antique bikes, and packed with onlookers.

I think Jack's throttle hand gets to shaking when in the presence of this many bikes.

DogBunny strikes a pose with the only Yamaha 650 in the entire building.

A 1971 XS1B from the motorcycle museum in Burnet, Texas...
The chopper dirt drags are a hoot. The roar and rumble of the V-twins, then you hear the intense growl of that XS650, shoosting down there and winning in the eliminations.

Another XS650 was in the chopper dirt drags,


but didn't fare as well.


Getting a good launch, and keeping it straight with street tires, is challenging.