The 2024 Dick Russell Memorial Ozarks Rally Mountain View AR May 8th- 12th

Good turn out guys. Lot of nice bikes......Goes without saying.......Have fun.

A few flames and back to the future
Seeing the tire repair brings back many fond memories of the days when my car club would go on long drives and inevitably someone would break down.. that was the time where true friendship would shine as we all helped get the fallen vehicle back on the road. Fortunately for me, my car was never the broken one.

Looks like a wonderful get together. Wish I could be there but a bit far for me. Maybe the September meet next year!
Beautiful tank Jim but you might want to use a different carrier next time, it suffered a bit in shipping.
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Ben has a "Blue" tank and thought we could play @gggGary . The new "Madness" tank never came out of the box but we finally got Gary to get his blue tank out of @Ben1 s hatch.and Gary looked a little crestfallen when he saw this blue tank.
Not wusses, just realistic...
I'm speculating on riding from Austin. Pretty doable at 600 miles/10 hours, which would be split into two days. I'd have to get a windshield, I'd be totally exhausted, and the ride would bore me to death.
For a distance like that, with a bike like an XS, trailering would be the only way for me. Hoping there’s a fall event next year at Deals Gap, NC and I’ll do my best to attend that one.
@Bumblebee1 rode his, but the distance was only four miles. Everyone else trailered. For me, the ride is four hours, but the Georgia boys RON here and put my bike on the trailer.

There were 13 of us if my count is correct. We represented AR, MS, GA, KS, IL, MN, OH and WI.
There were no catastrophic breakdowns and no accidents. The weather cooperated for the duration.