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We all love our muts and there have been random posts about them. Thought it would be nice to have a dedicated DOG/GOD thread.

My BEAU. had him for about 15 years. A shelter dog who would have been about a year old when i got him. I wanted a bitch as a stay at home dog. The shelter neut the males Dogs and with all the immunizations given to them the $200.00 cost of the dog is well worth it. Being neuter meant he wouldn't have the wander lust and as he was young enough his balls hadn't dropped or had sex, (when the operation was done), so that desire wasn't there.

Kelpy/Rottweiler X


P1000205 shpn.jpg

A very intense dog...........Thats the look i would get if he thought i was going somewhere.........If i said the word "beach" i couldn't walk 2 paces without him walking or dancing in front of me and getting this look and withing 20 seconds if i hadn't made a move to go then the wining started.
P1000204 shpn.jpg

When we, (my son and I), got the dog we spent 20 min with him and a handler from the shelter sitting outside on the lawn getting to know the dog to see how he responds to us what he was like. He didn't take to much notice of Kane, (my son), and me and hardly acknowledged us. He was quiet and looked to be thoughtful, (if a dog could be), we decided he would be the one.

Took him out to the Ute and he hoped in, (the front), straight away. Kane got in next to him, i walked around and got in the drivers side to buckleup. As i was getting in and buckling up, Kane said, "i think he likes you", i'm thinking yea OK. He said it again......."i think he likes you" a bit more forcefully. Yea ok i heard you, you know the dad thing when you hear something but not really taking notice.........Then he made his point......."no dad i think he really likes you" ................I'm thinking, all right what are you talking about so i turned to kane and hes pointing to the dog............Beau, (dog/god), is sitting there staring straight ahead with his tongue hanging out looking happy and the thing that said he was, REALLY HAPPY, (my son was making the reference to when he was saying he likes you), was his dick was sticking out...............13year olds humor
P1080257 crop.jpg

6 months after getting him........... with my son

My daughter showing me how to make a fool of a dog

about the only photo i have of Beau and me............

Drying off after a swim
P1010682 resize 1200.jpg
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Love our dogs! We are on our second English Bulldog. We had Oscar for 8 years before cancer took him over and had to put him down. A gentle giant, was 77 lbs at his biggest which is huge for a bulldog. That dog was the epitome of lazy. We could let him outside and he would never stray more than 20’ from the house. He just wanted to sleep in the sun.

Now we have little Mabel. She’s just over 6 months and couldn’t be more different than Oscar. She’s a snuggler and lover, where Oscar just wanted acknowledgment and left alone. She is far more active and demanding of you. And often goes into psycho puppy mode. Currently about 40lbs and probably won’t get a lot bigger. Both are so incredibly stubborn though. Must be a bulldog thing.

My girl Jade who my Wife and I rescued right after we bought our first home. Sadly we had to put her down this past June. We had her just shy of 2 years, but she was a senior rescue so we knew it was only a matter of time. She was great to us, and absolutely loved my newborn. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend.
We got Pokey as a pup off my Dads farm just before I got out of the Air Force.... so '94-ish?
Border Collie mutt mostly. Short hair and about 35lbs full grown. By far the smartest dog I've ever had. Show him once and done. No stick, no treats... he just learned and never forgot.
We were at a party and he crawled up on my lap and fell sound asleep with 20+ drunks singing and carrying on around him.
This a phone pic of a photo.... taken by some drunk at the party. So yeah... kinda fuzzy.
He was only about 3 when he passed away, so this might be the only photo I have of him.

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My dogs: Jip, Shep, Kelly, Tubs, Happy, stubby, Scruffy, Jack, puddles, Blossom, Blacky, Toby, Dennis, Alice and of course my three police dogs: Dante, Shinta and Chum. I've never actually been without a dog, sometimes having two or three, plus other assorted friends: Cockatoos, Roos, rabbits, cats, mice, fish, turtles, goannas.

All our dogs have been rescues. Alice is our current dog, she's almost blind, despite spending almost $15k trying to save her sight, and now she's losing her hearing. Bloody Vets, don't give a damn about our pets, it's all about the money. We think she can see shadows, sort of, always bumping into things, in the dark she's as blind as a bat.

When we went to the shelter to adopt Alice, she wouldn't come near us, just sat on her carers lap shaking. We never went to the shelter to check her out, just to pick her up. Just rang around the shelters until we found one of the right size and then told the staff we'd be in to pick her up. Dogs will accept anyone or any family given the time. Alice accepted us as soon as we got her inside the house.

Unfortunately, She was obviously never socialised and probably never set foot out of the house she lived in. Alice is scared of absolutely everything: Rain, thunder, lightning, people, cats dogs and the world. Never sets foot out of her backyard, she trembles and shakes if we we take her out.

She spends her days sitting on the recliner helping the wife with her crossword and asking for food. At night she sleeps in our bed, under the covers until she warms up, then between the pillows. Hates being by her self, and when we come home we all have to lie on the bed for a few minutes so she can welcome us home. She was a TV addict until she lost her sight. Alice still plays fetch though, only inside and we have to kick the ball against the hall wall so she knows where it is using her ears and nose to pinpoint it.

I've always been a dog tragic, married for 40 years, it's now rubbed off on the wife. We watch all the shows on TV devoted to dogs, particularly The Supervet with Noel Fitzpatrick. Shame that man can't operate on us.

Alice, asking for food of course! In the last picture, Alice found an emu sausage running away from the fridge, so she stopped it and brought it back. The last pic is of Alice after her last eye op, that's the third eyelid pinned over her eye to protect it.


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Here’s a picture of one of my dogs, Blueberry…
My wife adopted him from the streets. Both a lover and a fighter. Chases “real dogs” out of the yard and can’t be less than an inch from my nose when I’m laying down. I suspect he was raised by raccoons 😆


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Here’s a picture of one of my dogs, Blueberry…
My wife adopted him from the streets. Both a lover and a fighter. Chases “real dogs” out of the yard and can’t be less than an inch from my nose when I’m laying down. I suspect he was raised by raccoons 😆
Ummm, look Jim, I hate to tell you this, but that's actually a cat, the pet shop lied to you! Not that there's anything wrong with cats, they're good fun, but they do have a bit of a funny bark, sounds more like meow. And not many will fetch a a ball either, they'll play with them, but rarely fetch them. The dead giveaway though is their tail, it doesn't so much wag as swish, difficult to tell if they're happy or angry sometimes.

But don't be despondent, there are a lot of scammers out there, lots of people get caught out.
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Yeah, we're dog people. Seems there's always been dogs but don't have any right now. Within the last year we had to put down the last of three that had been family for fifteen years or so.
Avatar is gggggrandfather running with some foxhounds, early 1800's.
I'll add a pic of me youngest Dottir and her best of those Christmas pic settings that kinda went sideways? Dr. Allen and Max.
Sara married a couple years ago, Max approved.IMG_0229.JPG
This is blossom, we rescued her from a drain in Malaysia, turned out to be a beautiful little dog.


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