The latest and greatest (and stupid expensive) in lightweight components


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Just surfing the internet, looking at stuff I definitely don't need. But still fascinate me:

Carbon fiber wheels. It is now possible to get a front wheel that weighs 2.5 kg/ around 5.5 lbs. From BST and others:

Composite brake discs. Around HALF the weight of the lightest comparable steel or iron discs. 700 g for a 320 mm full floating disc 🙂
For comparison, the Ducati discs with round holes in the (steel) carrier weigh over 1800 g. These are popular for the XS, as you may know. And still they are almost 700 g lighter than the OEM boat anchors Yamaha fitted to my Euro D model.

Composite sprockets and USD forks!
This was new to me, but available out there, apparently:

Now, if I had an endless supply of $$$, I would get a nice, low mileage Ducati Monster 1100 Evo, and go shopping 😁 (Just because even in stock form, it is pretty much the lightest and most powerful air cooled 2 valve twin out there)
Know some on the V-rod forum that splurged for BST wheels, bikes still weigh a ton
Yes, can imagine that. Pretty sure though, that on a lighter machine, like a Yamaha R6, most aircooled Ducatis, etc that you would notice an improvement in suspension action when removing several kg of unsprung weight. Bit most likely not worth the money for us mere mortals