The Punisher

No giant steps yet on the build.
A lot of peripheral things coming together.
The new powdercoat oven is perhaps 40% complete. The R6 parts bike has been stripped.
Still not 100% on using the R6 front forks but leaning that way so far that my pegs are dragging. Want to get a look at the bike with the xs650 mag between the forks. Issues to overcome. I have some slightly longer air assist suzuki gs650gl forks and a set of 1977 xs650 forks I intend to adapt with the Minton Mods.
I had some fantasy based ideas of keeping the r6 rims but the width of the rear wheel is too wide for me to make it practical. Already too many changes in the game plan to add more complications. So I'll be sorting out the front end and coming to a decision soon.

Did manage to get some parts ordered.
Talked a bit with Gary Hoos and he should have a shell #1 for me next week. Of course he will be sending it to Hugh to have it rephased.
Hugh will fit it in when he can and I will get it at some point. I'll need it to flow the heads. The delay really isn't critical as the flow bench isn't built yet although the parts have been gathered.
It will be a bit before that part of the project takes off but the process has been started at least.

Also had quite a long conversation with Mike Morse. I will tell you that he is genuinely a very interesting and intelligent guy. We shared a lot of thoughts and conversations from making power to durability issues. Shared some experiences and discussed some theoretical vs real world.
Discovered that we shared many of the same opinions and talked about the minute kinds of details that many never even consider. I found the conversation extremely informative and he made a few points I had only considered superficially, which has given me cause to do a deeper dive into those areas of thought.
He is clearly experienced and has a true love for Yamaha. He is one of those people that has tried about everything racing wise in modifications for these bikes. Great call. I'm certain I will be talking with him again.

Heiden is unable to ship to the US at this time.
Talking with him he explained that the US customs has been denying his parts entry.
The parts don't make it. He loses money shipping and has to refund the customer. He's not happy about it and neither was I. Another great guy.
He's hopeful that issue can be sorted out in a few weeks. I'll check back with him.

Hoping to start stripping the frame next week.
Some actual work on the motorcycle.
I have noticed in several places that R6 forks are a popular upgrade. Is it because of co$t , easy retrofit or because they are so damn good?
I have noticed in several places that R6 forks are a popular upgrade. Is it because of co$t , easy retrofit or because they are so damn good?

I think the older r6 forks are used often because they are thicker, tunable, and are still conventional configuration so the bike still looks the era while having a better suspension set up. Atleast that's why I like them
I believe it is because they are relatively available at reasonable prices and a relatively easy retrofit although unless you are a machinest with equipment the parts for the conversion can be pricey. Lastly they are larger diameter forks with much newer technology which should improve handling. For me it really just came down to looks for this build. The fork tubes center to center are much wider and I didn't like the way they looked with a stock mag. The forks were also the shortest of my three sets and the taller forks gave me more of the look I am seeking. If I go crazy cafe build on my 77 xs after completing this project I may use them provided I can make the rear wheel work for me. In my opinion the front forks look great with the R6 rim in it. Just need the rear to match. It's doable but not a great fit for this build. Fortunately I have a few options.
I have also been stripping the frame on the build especially as related to the engine mount modifications I am pursuing as discussed in the Good Vibrations thread. No sense in duplicating the ground I have covered in relation to those aspects of this project here in this thread.
Suffice it to say that there are many issues involved and problems to be solved.
"We do these things, not because they are easy.
But because they are hard"
I have a desire to build. Not merely assemble.
I have been and continue to be inspired by so many that have come through this forum that create.... my aspiration is to combine the same creativity, attention to details, and craftsmanship that has been displayed on these pages for far longer than I have been around.
The talent and knowledge within this forum is the very reason I chose the xs650 platform to use.
No question that many of the purists shake their heads and roll their eyes at my postings.
And that's ok. I also know there are others that get it and are generous with their knowledge.
The process is ongoing although not yet full tilt.
Still a lot of cool stuff to come ahead.
Project has been in a holding pattern.
Installed new front door and had some repairs on the front porch which has of course turned into a complete makeover of sorts. Most all of that has been completed excepting the fresh paint but most of the caulking, cleaning, and scraping has been done. Also getting some tidbits done on the powdercoating oven project. Should wrap up the cabinet this month and be down to building the door for completion.

Latest update on the frame.
After some visualization efforts I have a direction formulated in regards to the engine mounting so I have continued with the stripping.
I have most of the extraneous gussets and tabs removed and although there is some more cleaning up to do as well as some building up.
As this frame is going to be powercoated there will be no bondo (mud or whatever; a rose by any other name..) used to smooth it out as well as clean up the nasty factory welds. Going to take some time and effort but it will come along.
I ordered a gas bottle which should arrive this week. Then I need to get it filled. Then I can start with the TIG practice to get back in the groove. So somewhat slow on all fronts, yet all fronts are still managing to creep along.
Anyways I've included a pic to show a bit of this limited progress.


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No pictures and no real progress.
Did get an email from Hoos today that my Shell #1 camshaft is finally in. As I also ordered an engine seal kit from him he is shipping it all to me and then I'll repackage it and send it to Hugh for the rephase. So I guess a small step forward.
Also received my argon bottle and had it filled.
New tig torch for the yeswelder.
I knew I was going to be a little rusty but I am beginning to think that my floorboards fell out and I may need a new quarter panel too. Not quite like riding a bike. I'm pretty sure part of me thought it might be but then again reality at times is a bitch. It might take a minute to figure out the resonate frequency my hands are vibrating at.
But hey, I have a stereo and I love shop time.
Well I got a package a little early today. Originally scheduled for Thursday. The Shell #1 cam and the engine seals. Surprised to see it in a Megacycle box but probable what Gary had laying around. Cam will be repackaged and sent to Hugh for the rephase tomorrow.
Trying to finish the cabinet portion of the powdercoating oven this week. Then I will get to the door. Other projects taking time as well but the progress is still inching forward.


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Been a minute..
Occupied with other duties but mostly finishing them now and I expect to find time to get back onto my projects.
The rephased cam arrived from Hugh today.
Inspiration to start my flow bench.
Going to be interesting seeing the numbers as well as the visual smoke flow turbulence.
Stock cam with stock head.
Shell #1 cam with stock head.
Shell #1 cam with D ported head.
Still going to be a while until I'm ready.
I think it will be worth the wait.