The Ride You Haven't Made Yet


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Michigan, tri-state area
The wife's been real understanding over the 30+ years of me taking off on the bikes for one or two weeks at a time. I've been from Michigan to the Carolina's, through the mountains, sat on Forest Gump's bench in Georgia. I've followed the Ohio river from Cincinnati to the east, I've done that trip three times, riding on the Ohio side for a while and then crossing to the Kentucky side for a while. I usually pick a direction according to the weather and a destination familiar to other people because they wouldn't understand that I really don't care where the destination is. So, Pittsburgh, Nashville, St Louis fits that bill. Interstate, Waffle House and Motel Six are usually the sites I seek.

For the last three years I've said that I would make it to Alabama and back, just for a longer ride, see the Gulf of Mexico and turn around and come back home. Just another chance to play the role of the "Wayfaring Stranger".

What is the ride that you haven't made yet?

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I'm glad I made the Route-66 cross countrys before it disappeared.

The Blue Ridge Skyway is still on my bucket list...

US 66, that's cool TM, I like the interstate but like to see the people and towns too. I rode to Kentucky one year when they were picking tobacco and taking it to dry and auction. The old guys just loved telling me all about it. Unplanned things like that just put the icing on a great trip.

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Yeah, it's about the 'journey', not the destination.

I believe that weekendrider and xjwmx have packed a lot of interesting journeys under their belts, and could give some good trip ideas...
In a couple of weeks, on my trip back from Florida with the bike in the trailer, I'm going to hit the Tail of the Dragon. I hope the weather cooperates for me. I routed out about 150 mile round-trip from Bryson City, through the Tail of the Dragon, over to Gatlinburg and then back to Bryson City. Coming from Wisconsin, I'm excited as hell. I can't wait to see some green.
i want to ride from the mexican border in the south to the canadian border in the north on HW 1 as close to the oceian as you can get
I made a shorter run of that from Frisco, to point Arena in California when I was younger on my honda 305 Dream...LOL it was , to say the least Memorable..... after the 3rd day of our week long jaunt my butt didn't hurt any more and it was enjoyable.... now I can't sit on a bike longer than 30 minutes till my old bones tell me to get off !..... my hands go numb after 5 minutes just in a car... on a bike I'm lucky to go around the block and still be able to feel either hand a throttle lock is a must !
I think I'ed be happy with just seeing all the back roads up here around Mt.Shasta... there is a bunch of them
Me and the wife used to talk about renting a Harley in SoCal and riding the coast to Seattle. I made the connections and it was doable, and not too pricey either. Lately we've been talking Amtrak.:(

Well being a Central Oregon native and rural resident, I am truly blessed with the convenience of curvy local country roads and very nice seasonal forest roads. Scenic byways and 2 lane highways to the East half of the state provide all the summer riding a day tripper can desire. I avoid city folk traffic as much as possible by choosing morning escapes into cool air where I run as hard as I want and usually ride back home on more of the "mission accomplished" mode. I would strongly encourage those who do not have such an escape to travel and find that. That being understood , I do have a dream of riding a lap of the Isle of Mann of course because of the motorcycle history and my own lineage.. cheers -RT
I tend to shy away from interstate highways, waffle houses and branded motels. If you are planning a destination/direction area ask on the boards. I have seen some nice pavement that way. If going south to the gulf google bbq trail for some unique eateries. The dragon is crowded but it is a legion. ANY road I haven't been on is the ride I haven't made.
I've been riding through the rocky mountains in Alberta and British Columbia for the last 10 years. Its one of the worlds top motorcycling destinations. I have driven through the alps in Germany, Austria, and Italy. Its a close second to my home territory.
The ride not yet taken...........................maybe it would be the east coast of Australia, Sydney to Cairns.
I've lived and worked all over the world from Europe to west Africa to Asia and for my money, it's really hard to beat North America with the UK and Australia close seconds. I really feel that every Canadian should ride/drive/train from Nfld to BC and back and every American should do that from Maine to San Diego. ....and then we should switch and do the other guy's country. These darned countries are so big that many people have never ventured away from where they were born - which is a shame and a great promoter of intolerance IMO.

I'm not going to go all mushy, but between the politicians and the media, we all hear so much crap about other people that as a result, many of us harbour suspicions about "those xxxxx" (insert the name of a different geographic region and it's people here) - and yet, folks everywhere want pretty much the same things:
  • Live well and long;
  • Raise their family in peace;
  • Do what makes them happy without bugging other people (too much).
For me, I'd love to do that trip in both countries on a motorcycle, avoiding, as stated above, the big roads/hotels and restaurants. A particular road to try would be the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island (the eastern part of Nova Scotia) and another would be the roads around Dahnelaga Georgia (and yes, I know that messed up the spelling there).


Pete, I don't want to be "guilty by association" but It's a truth that many of us do not have the ability to travel the world. And no longer want to... Though it would be a great experience. I like my local. And my "intolerance" is justified in my mind as my home state (Oregon) is certainly not improving. It is my local knowledge that guides me where to ride & When.. It is a huge advantage to know so much about where you roam ! An XS650 to me is not a long distance traveler but a Great fun short rider ? In good heart...Happy riding ! Rain stopped here and coffee is gone..I live two stop signs away from a country road escape ! -RT :bike:
Yup - agreed TM - but give at least a thought to that cross country journey and to the people you would meet if you took it. Frankly, long trips abroad are no longer my thing either - but the people are still cool (as I recently found in Phoenix).


Pete, I've done quite a lot of traveling, but (guess what) my favourite country is Canada. I've driven across all of it from coast to coast, and that includes Vancouver Island and Newfoundland. I've also spent several months in Labrador City, back in the days when there was no road into it. I've flown into and out of just about every major airport in Canada.

Trains........................I love to travel on trains as well. This July, my wife and I will be taking the Rocky Mountaineer train from Vancouver to Banff. Its our 50 wedding anniversary. Favourite train would be the high speed TGV from Paris to Avignon. I have never experienced anything that moves that fast and smoothly on the ground. Its a must do if you like trains.

I have enjoyed 3 trips to Europe in the last 7 years. The people are real nice and there is just so much history to see.

I agree, that people need to get out and see the world. It does not matter where we were born, basically we are all the same. Diversity makes us all better people, and I'm proud to be a Canadian. Canada was built with people from all over the world, and we welcome people to come to our country.
Sneaked in a couple MC epics when I were young. now that 40 more years have got behind, finally getting back to it here and there. A big continent for sure. Some of the middle 1000 miles are a bit much on a smaller bike. Tend to back road out and hit the I's for the final run home..... For you midwesterners (and everyone else) a lake Superior circle tour is a wonderful trip! Did it on the RSV last year. Less rain would have been good.


Hoping to get an XS outfitted to camp from and see how much "small bike" touring my old bod can take this summer
Funny you should mention that Gary, Here's our plan for a week this summer. That across lake Michigan looks like a blast. Also thinking about a marathon to Dawson City. What do you say MaxPete? We could pick up Fred and RG on the way through.


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Wow that looks like a solid 2 weeks to me............. Specially on a small bike.
I'd be tempted to put on a couple miles w you's guys.
I'm in QL and I have always wanted to see Baraboo in the summer! :rolleyes:

Just have to avoid the last couple of weeks of July when Daughter #2 is getting married.