This is stunning.......

I have to say, I had absolutely no idea whatsoever that the casualty rate was so staggeringly high. It is almost beyond comprehension. And those figures are, I assume, purely US servicemen stats. I'm sure the UK have staggering figures for their servicemen too. Frankly, it quite shocking, and that's belittling it. Thanks for that information, it is certainly food for much thought. My old man served on convoy duties in the North Atlantic, on the Murmansk runs etc. They suffered huge losses too, but perhaps not by comparison. Such a waste of life, its quite upsetting to think of it, even all these years later.
What is being forgotten is they died for a single cause. To stop Fascism, and to protect democracy. Democracy allows everyone freedom of speech so even a fascist can air their views...................Fascism is on the rise and if allowed to take control everyone who died in WWII died in vain and everyone looses their rights to all and any freedoms