Throttle Assemblies. Which one did you use?


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Alberta, Canada
Hey guys,

To make a long story short I am on the hunt for a new throttle assembly for my 650SH bobber. Its a single throttle cable bike (with a fresh motion pro OE cable). Looking for what some of the experts have used.

Id really like to run something quality like the Biltwell Whiskey Throttle, the problem is that i'm using bar end signal lights, so I require an open ended throttle tube. Similar to this one on MikesXS or this one from Fleabay

Both of the above listed are for dual cable bikes, is this a problem? if not ill likely just get the one from Mikes, as I have a pending order from there anyway and shipping to Canuck-istan is not cheap.
Throttle tube assemblies are generic and Canadian suppliers such as Fortnine and XS650Direct (Cndn Mikes) will have what you need so you avoid cross border shipping.
x2 for ordering from XS650Direct, they are in Stratford, Ontario. Pretty sure they still offer free shipping if your order exceeds a certain amount. Iirc it was $150?
Thanks for the info! Ill certainly be using xs650direct, shipping is getting pricy for this build.

unfortunately I am looking for the throttle housing, as well as the tube. it looks like 650direct only has the tubes. I will check fortnine.
Check 650direct's "electrical" section. What you are calling a throttle housing may be the same as a right hand bar switch.
I like the aluminum TCI quarter turn throttle assembly. Pretty much what Willis is talking about but aluminum......