To Split, or Not To Split (was broken sump bolt)

Yes, I see they are making some hop-up parts for the Royal Enfield already but my goodness, $675 for performance mufflers - and they're just slip-ons, lol. And do you know what kind of performance gains they give ? ONE HP, lol.
Just for reassurance, I need an oil seal for the crankshaft, the transmission output shaft, and the clutch pushrod. That and a tube of Threebond will get my bottom cover back on. Did I forget anything? It appears just buying those from Partzilla is most expedient and inexpensive.

Do any of you have a source for the bottom crown nuts. Two or three of mine are smashed/dented.
Yes, I don't know how that happens but I have a couple dented ones on mine too. MikesXS sells them but I can't attest to the quality. If it's anything like their other engine hardware kits then it isn't very good. Personally, I'd rather go with nice used originals. Maybe gggGary can help you out with that.
Yeah... forgot about 'em being deep. Those prolly won't work. You might have to do as 5t suggests and source some used ones.
That "08034" isn't the right number. They're "08019" but N.L.A. Don't appear to be used on any other models either, just the 650 .....

Here's Mike's knock-offs but like I said, the quality is probably lacking. I know the chrome isn't very good on their other engine acorn nuts, don't see why these would be any different .....
Notice on the left side of your pic, that little black disc on the sealing surface just above the crank. Don't lose that, it blocks off an oil flow passage and must be there.


If I’m missing something here, I’m at a loss to know what it is.
Oh! My transmission is broken. I think it has been broken since 2003 or 2004. Find the dog missing on the output shaft.


Will seal install be recommended without using Three Bond? Do some of you glue them in?