Top bearing set bottom race


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Hello! I am new to this thread as of about 5 minutes ago, I've had a great time working on my first build with my 81 xs650 but have run into what I hope is just a small hiccup..

I'm installing moto Iron springer forks, and have everything removed and ready except for the bottom race of the stock top bearing set. I've been banging away with a hammer, flathead, and knife, f*cker won't budge.

I've seen threads for removing the bottom set, but any tips on removing the one I'm stuck on specifically? I've been thinking worst case scenario I can split it in two with the Dremel and pick the pieces out, but I don't want to risk fudging the neck. Anything helps!
Let's get the obvious out of the way, I'll assume you are hammering it UP?
Any big drift inserted from the bottom then beat on that with a heavy hammer, it doesn't take long. Change your beaters position so you don't cock the race in the bore (too much) If you don't have the right rod a 12" by 1/2" carriage bolt or similar should do the job.