Tracker Extraordinaire rescue


Cleared a couple more hurdles.
Firstly managed to come up with the rare single outlet breather ✌️
Carburetors threw a real curve upon digging them out of a box to prepare. The Right body throttle shaft was quite a mess with a off center attempt to drill out the butterfly screws.. Gggary really saved my butt digging a shaft out of a scrap set for me. And that process went well.
So the carbs are clean and nice inside with new Mikuni jets. I took a tuning estimate and went with 1 size up on pilots, 2 sizes up on mains, jet needle dropped one click.
Eyeball synced and ready as can be for a try someday.


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This old body has taken a slight beating having been relocated from place to place for years.
This fiberglass Omars Tracker body has suffered similar conditions. So it’s weather perfect for beer on ice and some touch up spraying on the pickup truck tailgate here, touching up going on from years of bumping.
The Hand Painting I appreciate is to be clear coated with this apparently nasty to health 2k now. So luckily with this officially Chinese certificated breathing mask there are no real health concerns here. testing , testing
It’s will be bitchen no matter what 🍻


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Prolonged and repeated exposure is what's really bad. For a one time shot... not so much.
Jus' didn't want anyone to get the impression a "dust" mask is good enough... it isn't.

The dangerous stuff isn't just in the particulates, it's also in the vapors. If you can smell it, you're not protected.
That's all I'll say.
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Okay , after the front fender testing outside ( I don’t need no stinking front fender) , I’ll wear this “hazmat” face mask for clear coating the body..
that way I’ll live a while longer even to further contribute to the internet 🤞😂
That's the same respirator I use. I had to switch to that now that I wear glasses. Good choice.
very tasty score!

Everybody worries about spray paint. I guess I'm lucky... never bothered with a mask and I've painted many cars and trucks outside with epoxy. The older I get the more surprised I am that I still live. I do think I used to drink too much though. Now I leave out the water.

Somewhere on the site there's pics of my XS street-tracker. It's ugly. And black ;)