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I'm in the midst of installing a Velorex 562 sidecar on my Heritage Special that's been parked since advancing age made it inadvisable for me to solo ride anything heavier than a 250.
It'll make a nice city rig to compliment my XS11/Spirit of America long distance rig.
The Velorex was a collision damaged bargain, the tub is undamaged but the frame needed TLC.
Also need to find a seat and windshield for it but that's in the future, when the rig is rolling.
So far:-
Bike subframe designed, fabricated and installed.
Frame repair and modification in progress.
Next to do:-
Build upper frame mounts, join up bike and sidecar, check the alignment, remove frame again to leave more workspace in the garage.
Tub stays hanging from the garage ceiling until I can safely move the snowblower into the back shed so there will be room for two sidecar rigs and the family car.
Update as of today:-
Sidecar frame on bike & aligned.
Velorex stock brake cable connected to a separate pedal next to rear brake pedal.
Minor FRP repairs to body shell completed.
Sidecar's PO has abandoned his search for the stock seat so I have installed a Kubota tractor seat instead.
Stock Velorex fender is beyond my repair skills so I bought an aluminum trailer fender to replace it.
Now in progress:- New fender install.
Still to be done:- Design & build handbrake. Install body.

Fred Hill, S'toon.
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Hi Jayel,
yes, I've seen that site but thanks for the tip and oh yes, they do make good stuff.
And each one a bargain too if I had the money.
Thing is, Mr Cheap ain't gonna pay more for an attachment kit than he did for the sidecar.
I had a Velorex 562 mounted to my XS for a couple years. I didnt use a subframe but ended up fabbing my own lower mounts. The upper mounts were the factory Velorex clamp-ons. They worked fine but I did check them about once a month.

I still have the car and have it apart to beef up the frame and its going to get a heavier duty axle/tire combo.

I have pics somewhere of the mounts if you need them.
had to make my own mounts for my Thompson Cyclecar it's a very light mid 70's design now on my SR500 (member of the CBC myself :laugh:) Cheap Ba$tards Club©


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Hey Fred, Yep, digging up another older thread.

Do you have any photo's of your subframe you'd share? I'd love to see the outfit too.

I have an older (1972) Velorex mounted on a 1967 BSA B44VR and I LOVE it. It's my first outfit and I had no idea what a "subframe" was when I first started on it.

My 1975 XS650B would make a great tug and the wheels have been turning about rounding up another chair.

Take care....from one Mr Cheap to another, Gordon in NC who likes not having to put his feet down at stop lights. :)
Hey Fred, Yep, digging up another older thread.
Do you have any photo's of your subframe you'd share? I'd love to see the outfit too.
My 1975 XS650B would make a great tug and the wheels have been turning about rounding up another chair.

Hi Gordon,
sorry, no photos that I can easily share but I'll tell you my XS650-friendly subframe trick.
(I have also used variations on my son's XS750 rig and my own XS11 rig)
I use 1-1/4" x 0.1" wall square tube. Sq tube because it's easy to fit up the weld joints and 1-1/4" because that's the size that plugs into the frame's centerstand mounts.
Make 2 stubs that plug into the centerstand mounts.
Bolt the stubs in place with the stock centerstand pivot bolts.
Weld a crosspiece onto the back end of the stubs so that that sticks out under the footpeg.
Weld a fore and aft rail to the crosspiece that goes aft nearly to the rear axle and forrard as far as the engine front mount.
Now make 2 slabs of 2" x 3/16" flatbar that will either
A) Bolt outside of the frame on the front engine mount studs (but you'll need to use longer studs) or
B) Cut up the front mount to weld the slabs inside.
(Mr Stupid did B. Next time he'll go with A and so should you)
OK, flat bars go down level with the fore and aft rail.
Weld a sq tube crosspiece onto them.
Unless you are a brilliant fitter, join the front crosspiece to the fore and aft rail with a bolted connection.
Even if you get it perfect a one-piece subframe will be a swine to install.
Drill through the fore and aft rail to bolt on the two lower sidecar frame connections in just the right place to suit the sidecar frame you are using and the sidecar wheel lead you want the rig to have.
(I used 16MM Heim joints for that but there are less costly options)
Fizz her over with black rockerguard and she's done.
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Thanks Fred....I actually understood most of that. :)

I'm looking for another 562 for the XS650B, seems like a good match.

I used square tubing for my subframe for the B44. It's easier for me to work with.

Thanks for the help.

Gordon in NC