Veterans Day


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Kansas City Mo.
The eleventh hour
Of the eleventh day
Of the eleventh month

For some, a day of thanks
For others, a day of reflection

Fear and joy
Anger and loneliness
A day to toast lost friends

For all, a day to never forget
Cheers mates

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For my father, a Missouri farmers son, who volunteered during WW2 and served in the Philippines. He was ordinary and extraordinary simultaneously. He was the standard I measured myself by. My dad and my friend.
Shown here while in the Philippines and just after his return from the war.
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My grandfather enlisted the day after Peal Harbor. Raised ten kids on a Mailman's salary, owned a pizza joint after and was successful enough to leave his grandkids (of which there were many) some cash. I honored him this way...
My dad and his brother enlisted in the Marines. Dad was injured and had surgery that wouldn't heal but stayed with it until they were about to be shipped out again. His brother they decided was a brain and they kept him in the U.S. doing something with airplanes. There's a family story of how that one was on leave and a soldier insulted the Marines, and he beat him up for it and left him with his head sticking in a toilet. There were witnesses. :yikes:
Your wife was a pilot?
Edit: Sorry I missed the caption.
She was a Photojournalist. The Air Force gave you a ride in a fighter whenever you won an award worthy of the ride. She was Photojournalist of the Year at Nellis AFB (TAC) in 1984

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Me about to ship out to Haiti in 2010, whole command ACB2 in Haiti, USNCG Command photo on the White House lawn circa 2007, and my Grandpa signalman 2nd class Hiner circa 1944 at Great Lakes Naval Station. Semper Fortis! Happy Veterans day Brothers and Sisters!
I'm one of 6 boys. 5 of us served.

2 oldest brothers, Army, mid-50's, both stationed in Germany.
2 just older than me, Air Force, early 60's. One avionics mostly at Offutt, one data processing at Selfridge (Detoilet). Both went on to civilian careers using the training they received.
I was in the Navy for a while.
Baby Brother didn't serve due to a motorcycle accident in his teens that left him with more stainless steel than a restaurant kitchen in his left leg.

Wife's grand-uncle, doughboy WWI, died in service during 1918 flu epidemic.
Wife's father, USCG WWII, retired as WO4
Our Son, Airborne Ranger and Mechanized 1980's. 10 years service, E6, Medical discharge after training accident.
Our Grandson, USMC wheeled combat vehicle mechanic. Medically retired on 100% disability.