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Coldwater, Mississippi

September 4, 2020 – September 7, 2020 all-day
Copperhead Lodge
171 Copperhead Pkwy
Blairsville, GA 30512
VJMC Event Team
email: events@vjmc.org

VJMC – North American Vintage Yamaha Rally – Celebrating 50th Anniversary of the Yamaha 650

The Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club of North America would like to invite all our members and friends to join us Labor Day weekend, September 4 to 7, 2020 at the Copperhead Lodge Motorcycle Resort for the VJMC Vintage Yamaha Rally. The theme of our Rally is to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the legendary Yamaha 650.
Host Rally Headquarters is the Copperhead Lodge. To register for lodging use the group code “VJMC”. Registrants will receive a 10% discount for all reservations booked prior to May 30, 2020. Call the Copperhead Lodge direct for reservations and group rate.

Registered Attendees: Everyone is welcome to attend regardless of motorcycle they ride.

Please keep in mind that you must be registered for the Rally prior to booking your lodging. Due to this being a holiday weekend (Labor Day) the Copperhead Lodge requires a two-night minimum reservation (Saturday and Sunday). Thank you for understanding.

Copperhead Lodge

171 Copperhead Parkway
Blairsville, Georgia 30512
Telephone: (706) 835-7433

Motorcycle Show
This will be a Yamaha only bike show commemorating 50 years of the Yamaha 650. The show classes are listed below. The bikes will be on display throughout the Rally.

The show will take place on Saturday, September 5, 2020. Registration and check in will close at 11:30am, judging will be from 12:00noon until 3:00pm and presentation of awards will follow shortly after.

The parking area in front of the lodge will be blocked off exclusively for the bike show – please do not park in this area. There is adequate bike parking in the lot above the show area and around the Lodge. You must be registered for the event to place an entry in the bike show.
Motorcycle Show Categories:
• Best XS-650
• Best TX-650
• Lowest Serial Number 650
• Yamaha 650 Ridden the farthest
• Merit Awards – Determined by VJMC panel


We look forward to see you at the VJMC – North American Vintage Yamaha Rally!

Thank you,
VJMC Event Team
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I cannot make this due to other commitment. Very said. Will be going Canada and NC.
hmmmmmm.....awfully tempting.....:umm:
I haven't stayed at Copperhead, but on drive-bys it looks like a great place. If you want to try some new roads, this is the place. In my experience and preference, there are more good riding options than from The Ironhorse. Ask Lakeview. I've shown him around just a bit. Surpassing the riding in North Georgia is not easily done. I never tire of it. This is the rally I plan to attend in 2020. This, and the Ozark Rally.
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Go for it Pete.
Motorcycle Show Categories:
• Yamaha 650 Ridden the farthest

You would have a good shot at that one. Only 650 smiles or so. What could go wrong?

Well, hopefully it will rain like hell and, if I time it right, I can be certain of darkness too!

Yeah...that would make it more festive...

How about we meet-up in Indianapolis?
I much prefer TWO to the Iron Horse..Love all the backraods around there ..Especially Porter Springs Rd and Wolf Pen Gap Rd..awesome riding...PLus many more... A smaller more personable venue than the IH..IMO
Hope the Copperhead venue works out well too...I'd go but I am going to be in AZ late in Sept so I am not planning to be at any Yamaha rallies this year..Gee how lucky for you all...:rolleyes:
We'll miss you! It's been a lot of consecutive years. Since 2009 or 2010?
2010 Marty...And before that it was 6 yrs at the XSEast rally too...In fact back then when i was still in NJ..several riders in that group including Earl G were always praising the XSive riders rally at TWO..My how the names have changed for this venue over the years..I will miss most of you guys too...
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Reconsidering this event...but would need a roomate to split expenses...I might have enough time to get the bike sorted before labor day weekend...mind you money is the roadblock...
Everything at the Copperhead Lodge... all accomodations on their website are "sold out' for the dates for the rally...means their booked solid...
Theres only 2 motels in Blairsville..neither are cheap...havent check their rates or availability..but it looks pretty tight..
Best Western or Comfort Inn..Best western is the cheaper of the 2..dates for the labor day weekend for 2 queen beds is $123/night..this is the refundable option..the non refundable rate is $105..but must be paid when reservation is made...