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Austin, Texas
So... You say you can weld? :cool:

Voodoo Vintage along with Monstercraftsman would like to introduce our PRO BUILDER'S KIT for the home builder.

Kit includes everything shown in the photo. All rail tubing is 1-1/8" .120 wall DOM. The backbone / seat-post and the down-tube are 1-1/4" .128 wall DOM. Neck gussets are fabricated from 3/16" with your choice of Voodoo Vintage, Monstercraftsman, or XS logo. (Or no logo at all!) Axle plates are CNC plasma cut 3/8" with milled axle slots.

Every design offered by Voodoo Vintage can be ordered in the PRO BUILDER'S KIT. Use your own neck tube, engine, wheels, and drive-train from that old bike you have sitting under the tarp! Fabricate your own engine mounts and get creative as you want!

GREAT for overseas orders!!!


Stay tuned to MONSTERCRAFTSMAN web site for pricing and availability. Information will be available in the next few weeks!

Work hard and ride safe brothers and sisters!
Thanks guys!

The backbone is cut approximately 1" longer than original plan specifications. The down-tube is around 4" longer!

If you stray from the original plan specifications (i.e. increase or decrease the rake or stretch), you may have a little "shaping" to do on the neck gussets.

As mentioned in previous posts however... We provide Monstercraftsman not only with stock production items, but we accept "custom" orders as well! Small charges may apply! :wink2:

On a side note: Jon at Monstercraftsman has been a real blast to work with! You are going to see some real interesting swag emerge from our combined (messed up) minds!!!
Thanks it looked longer. I just made one up for 5" longer because i want the TURBO i am doing sit in front of the Backbone down tube and making it a drop seat frame.
Jon is a hoot stopped by my small shop in South New Jersey about a year ago bought some parts from me and we talked motors/builds/turbo's. I am OLD and have been a DRAG RACER in the 70's/80's/90's and built a lot of frames for some famous guys racing back then and blew up more motors Turbo's and non Turbo's than i want to say. Been on fire at 196mph and had a clutch basket go threw my right leg at 180 mph and funny as it may sound i seen some of me in JON because he has that passion for building. I closed up this year due to health and called Jon first to get him to build full bikes and keep it going in the TRI STATE area. I built 26 XS 650 in the last two years and now i am a side liner and you guys got to carry the torch . Hooking up with him will do you both good you got the mid states to get and Jon got the east coast now you need HUGH in the mix and you guys will rule the XS builds. AGAIN NICE WORK AND KEEP CHOPPIN!!!!!
You're not on the sidelines yet partner! How the hell are we supposed to know what we're doing without the experience of others like yourself! You guys are never forgotten and always respected!!!

The backbone of the frame may look a little long in the photo because of the rear "loop" to the seat post. It's kind of a Voodoo Vintage trademark that started with the Suzuki Savage frames. The savage engine has ONE carb that sticks straight out of the middle of the head! Had to design the frame to "wrap" around the carb. It looked interesting, so I kept the concept on most my frames...

I'm hoping for a long, fun, and fruitful relationship with Jon and Hugh. I think we're putting together a pretty good team that can accommodate almost every aspect of a custom build. And who knows... May be the birth of the new XS National Brotherhood!

Thanks again DADDYG for all your information and help in the forums and otherwise! Keep on rockin' baby!!!
This is a nice looking kit...you folks getting close to making it available?


It is currently available on MONSTERCRAFTSMAN in the SUICIDE version. Monstercraftsman have not received the PRO BUILDER'S KIT yet, so they have not posted pricing information, but I believe they will sell for a little less than $600. The LONE WOLF versions will be available in a matter of weeks. Click on Monster's link above for purchase information. And thanks for the inquiry!