Wear limit rear drum brake etc.


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So I did some searching on this forum, but I didn't quite find the answer. I bought a used 18 inch rear wheel. It's in a very bad state, but I only need the hub to make a 16 inch, 36 spoke wheel. I removed the seals, bearings and bushings. They were all pretty rusted. I cleaned the hub and put it in the lathe to clean up the brake surface. It cleaned up well but there is some pitting from rust in the surface. To remove it I have to go a little further but I'm actually afraid I go to far. So I wonder what my options are. Throw away the hub because of the pitting? Go on and use it as it is? Remove the pitting on the lathe with the risk of cutting to deep?

As I read in an older post the inner diameter of the drum brake should be 180 mm. But what is the wear limit? I can't find this in my manual. It's not easy to measure but I think it's now at 181 mm, but I should measure a little better. Would it be possible to remove the entire brake surface an install a new?

I know it's a lot of questions, but I want to make sure I'm making the right move before spending money on a maybe useless hub.
I think you'll be fine running it with some pitting in the surface. Maybe the brake shoes will wear a little faster is all. I'm running one with pits and it seems fine so far, but I'll admit I haven't put a ton of miles on it yet.