What have you done to your XS today?

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What have you done to your XS today?

"A place to post up what'cha been doing in the garage or on the road. As always show us the pics!" gggGary

Today I gave her a wash
then got out the carnauba wax and waxed her.
lubed the drive chain
checked oil
ordered a new front master cylinder that looks retro instead of the modern one I have now. It will look much better and work well too.
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Got my EX-500 CVK Carb components almost all sourced. Went and sourced some 1/16" E-clips from Ace Hardware to hold the PWK-GJH needles.

Today I'll be receiving a substantial McMaster-Carr order to tidy up some hardware, finish off the CVK's with new screws, do a bench sync + wild guess at idle speed, fuel lines, etc. Then start measuring for throttle cables for my 2003 GSXR Throttle Housing -> EX-500 carbs.

Finish up some electrical for the tag light.

Maybe I won't get to all that today. It is like 10 degrees out and my fingers will become Ice almost immediately.
71 removed the front fender, have to reweld the bracket where the tubes cracked off the center section. Next up getting rid of the extended fork tubes. I took a bunch of stuff to the chrome plater, I am suffering sticker shock but will probably pull the trigger, looks like I'll have to drop about $1000, what the whole bike cost new.
yesterday i put two of them to bed for the winter. installed clutch with new plates and springs on my slow going engine rebuild.

old man winter is already here in full force. hopefully spring will come quick and roads clear enough to ride by mid april. bleh!