What have you done to your XS today?

I don't know about you gggGary ! whats wrong with the setup you had ? it worked didn't it ? HAHAHAHAH!
Today I took off the left cover and took 100grit sand paper to it to get the oxidation and clear coat off of it..... it was slow going but in an hour or so I had it all cleaned up... I then took steel wool to it and wound up with a Satten finish...not shinie by any means but it looks better than it was.
....that and thinking... I bet the richness screws for the pilot circuit are set too lean for it to run correctly
.... I've looked but cannot find any adjustment screws on the side of those carbs...then Fredintoon mentioned they were behind caps...that would figure!!! so tomorrow I might try adjusting them a bit if I can get it to run agaiin... <GRIN>
you should put you bike year model and a few details in your siggy helps us to know WTF parts you have and are asking about.
BS34 idle mixture screws are top front center and were covered with a plug from the factory. Plugs are visible in this pic of the set I pulled off that 81 I dragged home.


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I managed to loose the shoulder bolt that mounts the front end of the rear disc brake stabilizing rod. I seem to have an amazing ability to do that. I have no idea why it wasn't in the same bag as the rear shoulder bolt. Anyway, I went and got a 1/2 X 1/2 bolt and we'll put it in the lathe and turn it down to the correct size. This will work forever or until the correct one pops up.
I managed to loose the shoulder bolt that mounts the front end of the rear disc brake stabilizing rod. I seem to have an amazing ability to do that. I have no idea why it wasn't in the same bag as the rear shoulder bolt. Anyway, I went and got a 1/2 X 1/2 bolt and we'll put it in the lathe and turn it down to the correct size. This will work forever or until the correct one pops up.

Don't you have to wonder how people manage to live without the basic necessities of life like a drill press, hydraulic press and a lathe?

My lathe is for sure an antique as it is a South Bend that is driven by a flat leather belt but for most of what I need it works as good as I can run a lathe.
Ahhh ! OK I'll remember that ! and hit the sideplates with WD-40 to wash it clean.
thanks !
I pulled the carbs today and paid special attention to the pilot jet circuit re set the floats and even put in a new sparkplug !
it fired up on the left cylinder and ran didn't notice that the Right cylinder was not working till it had been running a bit.....
I got it fireing and tried to set down the idle and that right cylinder died off.... the exact same thing it was doing on the left side has now switched to the right side !!!!! WTF !
I am SURE i do not understand all I know about this beast ! LOL
I'm so tight I squeek ! ......
seriously though I don't recomend that replace them both if ya can !
( it runs good now.... opening the richness screws did the trick ! they were at 3/4 from the seat
their at 2 1/2 turns out now and it fires up on both cylinders now ! , yes I had to remove the silly plugs over the screws to adjust it.)
Spent most of the day welding up the mounting brackets for the stainless reverse cone mufflers and loops for the retention springs and roughed in rubber insulated brackets to mount the mufflers to the shock studs and polished the pipes for the chrome shop next week.
Bracket 004.JPG Bracket 005.JPG
This afternoon ,I got my act togeather and cut gaskets, used copper washers on new allenhead bolts , some sealant smeared in places, and assembled it all on the SG's tank. Put some gas (mid grade unleaded) in the tank and put it on the back rack and went to Bario Brewery bike night followed by a stop at Carl's Jr for a burger and soda. Got back to the bike port to see if there were any leaks. It had been about 4 hours since gas had been added to the tank. Still all dry! Spent about another 45 min with fitting the tank and lines. It was after 10pm so I resisted temptaion for a start up. Vibration checks and all. LOL. I see a lunchtine ride tomarrow.....
Nice looking Scoot TGOOD !
looks like it'll be a bit rough riding on the rough roads though... but what the heck It looks great !
My Bike still is not running perfect.... it may be the old plug (sense I only replaced 1 <GRIN>)
Strangely eough Now it does not want to start with the choke on .... it fires once or twice and then never again..... once it's warm there's no trouble starting it at all.... but now the right cylinder doesn't want to fire on idle....
chaseing this dead cylinder thing around has been a real weird one ! never ran into this before in all my years of bikes !
I'm hoping you guys have some sujestions !
Well this might need a double heading
1 What did you do to your XS today
2 What did your XS do to you today

#1 I adjusted the floats in the carbs then installed them about three kicks and it was running and sounded pretty good. The patched up original equipment mufflers seem to be working good. I had it hooked up with a temporary gas tank , actually off a old Tecumseh snow blower motor and no seat but figured I make a pass down then back up the driveway an it seemed pretty good until........

#2 Until as I got near the garage I applied the front brakes that I had just bleed a few days ago. Well they worked good. The problem is the 20+ year old tires on the bike decided they did not want to grip the 30º blacktop driveway! In a blink of the eye bike was down on it's side and I was doing a face plant on the pavement. A couple things I noticed right off was the large amount of red stuff coming from my face and the somewhat shorter right upper front tooth.

Well I got up and with a some help from wife managed to push bike back into the garage then spread some oil-dry on the oil I'm assuming came out the crankcase breather while machine was laying on it's side.

Due to the aforementioned red liquid coming from the face wife decided a trip to the Urgent Care Clinic was in order. After taking a shower to make it look a little less like I had walked into the prop on a Cessna getting ready to take off we were on the way. Actually 98% of the leaking from face had stopped by then. After some in-depth questioning and inspection by nurse and NP they decided to take some pictures to be sure no critical parts were broke inside, besides the 1/2 missing tooth. Seems the worst damage was the upper lip getting torn up by the front teeth.

Also made an appointment to see dentist in the morning, she will probably smile and shake her head when she hears the story!

Now for the more or less good news part. I have not really looked over the bike very close, wife for some reason feels that can wait a few days, but like I said the bike was running on a temp tank so no damage to the good tank. I had been in a bit of a hurry to see how this rebuilt engine would run and had not got around the install the signal lights or head lamp. So all those parts were safe on the bench in the garage. The exhaust system on this bike is a very rusty original system that I was only using to see how the bike runs so if it sustained any damage it will not be a problem.

Moral of this story is when reviving a bike that has set in a barn or shed for 20+ years with the same tires on it treat any test ride like you were riding on glare ice old rubber has VERY LOW coefficient of friction under the best conditions and at below freezing temps it is even much worse.
That sucks. I had a similar situation a few weeks back. My son was looking at a Yamaha FZ-07. The dealer had just assembled it that morning. They pull it outside and started it up and I decided to take it for spin around the parking lot. 0 miles on a brand-new bike, cold pavement, cold brand new tires...... equals a bad situation. I twisted the throttle and in 500 milliseconds I was skidding across the parking lot. Very embarrassing. There was minimal damage to the bike but my glasses dug into my head and I was bleeding like a stuck pig. Lesson learned. Amazingly the dealer was pretty cool with it. They were more concerned about me.
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Today I made some solid riser plugs and some fork tube caps out of aluminum and polished them up. Took just a little bit more ugly off the triple clamp. Now I got to do something with that crusty looking clutch perch.