What have you done to your XS today?

While riding home I stopped at the red traffic light, the engine died with no power, no horn, no lights or starter?.
Check fuses and all good there, check battery cables then turn the ignition on and the neutral light is on so I try the horn and no sound but the neutral light went off.
First time I've ever not been able to get it going and had it transported home.
Battery shows 13.4 volts?.
Searching for faulty wires. Any ideas.
check battery voltage under load.
Original fuse box by any chance? Look for plus 12 on both sides of all the fuses after the neutral light goes out.
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A few changes this year


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check battery voltage under load.
Original fuse box by any chance? Look for plus 12 on both sides of all the fuses after the neutral light goes out.
Complete wiring harness including original fuse box less than 12 months old.
Only getting plus 12 to the 20 amp fuse, volts drop to zero when I hit the horn or turn signal switch, neutral light goes out then slowly comes back on?
Looking for short or faulty earth.
Starter relay just clicks ?
New cable from starter motor to relay.
New cable from battery to relay.
New cable from battery to earth.
New cable from top engine mount to frame.
Faulty ignition switch?
Faulty tri-spark ignition?


Sunday got up early as the sun was shining brightly outside.
Planned to go to the lockup / workshop tidy up a little, and make some work space.
Mrs C had other plans and sent me up a triple ladder to fill in some missing brick work pointing (Yikes!)
Thats about a 60' working height from the road below the house.

Later that day got to the lockup and extracted both The Brat and Taffy into the sunshine.
The Brat had a good wash and polish since it had been put away dirty following its MOT two weeks ago.

Taffy got a full Post Winter pre-ride check over:
Brakes & Fluids
Oil & Filters
Cleaned and re-oiled the UNi-Filters
Check for loose nut / bolts / fittings Etc.
Quick look over electricals.

Taffy then fired up first press of the starter; Yehaaa!

Turn up to 11 for the full sound experiance!

A few short laps of the industrial site up through the gears and all seems good.
Just hoping Taffy refrains from the horrible misfire symptoms of the last 12 months.



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First load test that battery.
A simple one is a big screw driver across the solenoid terminals see if she cranks.
Then; get a nice jumper with good alligator clips and start jumping past components till you find what fixes it.
Thanks gggGary for the sage advice and great ideas. I did the screwdriver across the terminals and got nothing, not a kick.
After going through the whole wiring looking for a short or broken earth I grew a brain and took the battery to the battery dealer and it's dropped a cell and useless, just 8 months old so I get a new replacement under warranty.
Pick it up this afternoon, hopefully sorted.
Busy With the Low Miles Special
Replaced the clutch pushrod seal, it was easy
( the second time), sold the Ascot two on one side muffler set and went back to one per side, feeling more balanced now, and put the windshield back on, not my favorite look, but the wind really whips across the flats around here. (For miles around the tallest part of the topography is a highway overpass).
Adam that bike is absolutely beautiful!
Thanks @Wingedwheel
But like all good looking mistresses, they are great to look at but not so good to live with!
Taffy and I have had a tremendous affair over the past few years; but by god my sanity has been tested.
I admit it’s not what I did but had done. It’s been a busy time with the kids so I dropped my bike off to the shop to have it gone over by a keener eye as I just got it.

New 1.5” headers and commando exhaust, alloy Lucas taillight, sorted a short that was blowing fuses. New tire and I’ll be ready to roll in a few days. If anyone remembers it had some sportster looking slash cuts before.


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