What have you done to your XS today?

I trimmed off the rotted cross over pipe from my used exhaust system, cleaned up the hole and found that a 30mm frost plug was an OK fit. It took a couple hours of fiddley hand work to get them ready to go in, then more time to set them into the holes. I set them sorta cross ways in the hole, them tap tap to get them started and them used a heavier hammer to set them in. Probably should see if my nephew wants to stick a couple tack welds on them, but may try without, they seem really tight in there.
As an aside, had to go to a couple auto parts stores to find the right size plugs, most of the boxes that came out from the back were dust covered, one of the sales guys says they don,t have much call for them anymore.
I know this is not highly complex work, but it was a first for me and it wasn't fixing wiring.


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Those are purty. I've been trying for 25 years to get mine shiny like they are on my 79 but nothing. Never tried sanding them first like I've seen on the forum recently so that's what I'm going to try next. Going to test on a spare rear grab bar first though.
Been playing around to with my fuel ratio at idle. Currently set at 4% CO which translates to about 13:1 air to fuel. This would be still slightly on the rich side for what's considered normal for a air cooled engine, in the automotive world anyway. strangely when I set idle mixture using the dead cylinder method and then check the co it comes in about 5-6% co, or about 12:1. I've been curious to see how much further I can lean it out but I have decided this is going to be too lean, I started getting some lean back firing on decel today after setting it at 4% co. Seems around 5% is about perfect, for this bike anyway. Secondly using The gas sniffer ensures a perfect idle fuel mixture for both cylinders, every time I have checked the co after doing a dead cylinder method adjustment the mixtures are still a bit out from each other
Finally carved some time out to finish buttoning up my top end rebuild. Rocker cover, advance unit & Pamco all installed. Cam chain and valves adjusted with new elephant foot mods. I just need to get some new allenhead bolts to put the upgraded single outlet breather on and its ready to go back in the frame. What a long drug out process I have made of this rebuilt. Life has just got busy for me with the family and its getting harder to find the time to work on this project.
That's so clean zero.........since I still cannot ride, mine just had to be started.....warmed up, dropped in gear to turn the box. How fucking sad, 3 weeks of no riding, maybe next week, all it will take is enough strength to hold the weight at a stop if needed, most of the time your on the anchors anyway