Whats your weather right now?

Granny had a wonderful children's story of a tornado near Lawrence Ks...she was of the generation before radio, when story-telling was a family art, and a public one as well. They occur in the Oroville region of California...specific landforms and climate favor the twisters, which can be highly stimulating, if rare.
'bout perfect...70 F now and for tomorrow. The snow is where it's suppose to be...:) Time to take the D model out of hibernation.

twin peaks 2024.JPG
Thunderstorm last night, light rain, and drip drip just on the weld bench...

First time in many years I bought a pound of brazing rod, 25 for the rod and 13 more for "hazmat"... what hazmat? YCMTSU...
Rain, rain , rain rain, Oh……….. Oh it’s just rain.
I ordered small screws a set ca $ 2.5 for watches and I was going to use it on a small calculator back
Have no clue from where they are shipped
I was In No Hurry
I was promised a credit of $ 5 it they could not deliver Within the time they promised
I have Not asked for it -- their Policy


So the delivery time they promised 4 / 4 could not be fulfilled .But caused by the Weather
Possibly the truck gone Off Road
Now I have an e .mail got the Credit ..

Not sure if I will ever use the $ 5 ???
We're in the middle of yet another gale - Storm Kathleen.

Today, flew back to Scottish Borders from N Ireland via Belfast and Edinburgh. Cheap ticket with Ryanair meant an early start - up at three-thirty to get to BFI for a 6am flight. My host gave me a lift to the airport - he flies with Jet2 working out of Belfast, due to fly Tenerife & return this afternoon/evening. Wind was already starting to get up. He said, "Looks like this afternoon, flying is going to be a bit sporty!"

There have been flights in & out of BFI cancelled today but I don't think his was. Fortunately, has a lot of experience of bad flying conditions. Getting them down safely when things get a bit rough, sort of . . .
Weather dark calm cool & pleasant, and dry, except for the puddle of pee I left when I went to look. ;)
Cop-O-Tronic monitor reveals...silence. Evidently the dopers and desperadoes are inactive... Once in a while we have thrilling high speed chases with gunfire and road spikes and much courage... But usually it's escaped cows...and cattle. Or a drug raid...
Just crossed into Ohio on I80 traveling to Maine for a quick trip.Stopped to p and reply to a pm.Came back out and getting dark fast….Hmmm.At almost 65,my first eclipse experience.Cool.Turning light again.That wa quick.😅
Rain, rain, rain. Rained all night, my morning walk the paths are all flooded. The burns are in spate and have burst their banks. The river Tweed is high but is expected to be much higher tomorrow. Because there is a Scottish Borders weather alert for exceptional rain this afternoon - 40mm across the whole region and 60mm in worst affected places. With the ground already saturated, there will inevitably be widespread flooding.

Yikes, I mean, that's nearly 2½ inches of rain in a single afternoon.

The weather man on the radio said yesterday that in the first week of April, Edinburgh has already received 170% of the normal rainfall for the entire month.