White wire + field coil or brush -wiring Ricks reg/rec for lithium battery pma

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Fort Worth TX

running pamco mechanical advance with hhb pma w 5wire reg/rec. recently changed to lithium antigravity battery and noticed bike stalls after 20-30 min. Necessitating keys to turn off and kick before starts up again. Thru research I have found maybe the reg/rectifier may not be friendly w lithium battery.

Checked rotor wires and noticed one of the 3 yellow wires were fried at the connection joint, wires have greyed instead of copper. I opted to cut off all yellow wires at the rotor and replaced w new wiring.

Now I am confused, previous reg rec from hhb kit was 5 wire, the ricks has 8 wires.

Anyone have prior experience or know of simplifer connection joint? Could I wire the white “+ field coil or brush” to one of the firing connections on the coil?(either red or green wire from pamco to coil)

update 5/23/2023 - after some trial and error, ended up being my battery tender. I learned this in November on my second bike and have been riding without issues since. Had similar symptoms on my other 650 with a gel battery, tender shows charged but only good for about 30 minutes. I replaced with a BMS AG battery and new tender and haven't had issues since. My initial AG battery was a 401; apparently the smaller cell batteries do not have a BMS; regulator ended up being fine.


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That particular regulator/rectifier is not compatible with a PMA - it is for OEM Stator/rotor. I suggest looking at HHB MOSFET reg/rec for PMA's.

Does your Antigravity have the new "start" feature? It may have protective circuitry to prevent overcharge and high temperature (maybe the 30min. shutoff issue)
Your 3 yellow wires indicate its a 3-phase system and it's PMA; it needs optimized for LifePo battery (14VDC max), that narrows the choices considerably, one option:

Now, having said that, your description indicates you may have a fried stator. I would try to get specs and check it (something like 15VAC each yellow wire while running, not running: no continuity to ground @ each yellow wire and perhaps 5 Ohms between each yellow).

I mention that to save you some grief and $ as if you have a bad stator, you now have the opportunity to replace the whole works and the obsolete PAMCO too with an integrated system such as a VAPE