white wires read high on stator


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Shelton, Wa
Hi guys. Im testing some components for my 1980 xs650 motor I will be putting in a go cart. (wheel barrow hot rod)
My rotor is good at 5.3 ohms, but using curley's charging guide, When I test the stator, on the white wires im getting 1 ohm on one white wire, and .8 ohm on the other two. Curly says should be .5 ohm. Is it trash? I zero'd the meter. and cleaned the plug spades....
Should I chuck it? or when the time comes, after wired up and running, then read again?
Also, curley says no reading from ground to each white and no more. Is the motor the ground? motor is on shop floor for now, not in a frame.
I don't think the exact reading is as important as all three being the same, or close to it. For ground, I think they just mean the stator housing. You don't want any of the wires shorting out to it. I don't think I'd junk that stator yet. Also, you didn't mention testing the leads of your meter against each other and subtracting that from your reading. That might put you at Curly's spec.
line 4. I thought that was what zero-ing the meter meant.
so is .2 ohm close enuf together?
I just checked for grounding to the case. no reading.
I would try it as it is. Even mounted in a frame swapping alternator parts is no biggie.
A lot of digital meters don't have a zero function. I assume you touch the probes adjust for zero then test, If so yes, that should give an actual reading.
On meters with out the zero function touching the leads an d subtracting gives an actual reading.
In the book, on the early years it listed a .9 ohm reading for the stator, the later gave a .46 ohm reading.
I think this was more a difference in the way the testing was done. Early testing from one white to another gave a reading of two windings at a time. Later testing, the book doesn't describe, I think was from the yellow safety relay wire to each white wire where you get a reading of each winding. Each winding at .46 ohms is very close to two windings at .9 ohms.
I have tested several that didn't exactly match the book but worked just fine. It could be slight differences in the quality of the meters Yamaha uses and ours. I assume they don't use Free ones from Harbor Freight. With a coupon anyway.
yes it is a hf one, but not the freebie. the next up.
Ive had it for a few years, and hasn't let me down. Thanks leo
I did touch the leads and subtracted that from the readings.