Wire question , 1976 rewire with Mike’s Xs new harness


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Ok, great harness from Mike’s , things going pretty well… until I seem to be missing a lead !

I’m thinking this is the regulator on the right side , it has a blue / black lead that comes off and plugs into the original harness , to a blue / black

Both old and new harness have the blue / white so that’s fine

My new harness doesn’t have this blue black lead at this end, but has them on the other end ( the ends that would be in the headlight shell
Pics below of the reg, original harness lead and the new harness
Any guidance guys ??


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Geez; can you pick a more difficult year to decipher?:jk:

So, that appears to be a Safety Relay, but not one that follows the typically shown '76 schematic and shares wire colors with a '78 (Or later model - the blue/black that feeds lights from red/yellow). Here's a pic of the '78SE schematic - posted to see if sense can be made of your set-up
The regulator is usually on the left side. What you have there is the starter safety relay. I don't know what the L/B wire is for.
The regulator is usually on the left side. What you have there is the starter safety relay. I don't know what the L/B wire is for.
Sorry, it’s late !
Ok, if I’m running kick only, is any of this a need ?
For example , if this blue / black isn’t hooked up , she’ll still kick over manually?

Thanks for all the help !
On later model bikes (with that safety relay yours may be wired like one), the blue/black powered the headlight circuit and the safety relay didn't allow that circuit to be powered (from the red/yellow) until the bike had started. The RLU and, on certain models a headlight relay, were involved also (complicated). It depends on how much of that stuff you're including in your custom scheme.

None of that should affect the ignition circuit (depends on how you've wired it)
One more smartass comment to end the day: "Yeah - Asylum Cycles was gonna account for all that complexity -NOT":laugh2:
That makes sense . I’m running pretty much a stick main harness, I’ve removed all the small things like brake wear indicators etc
If this blue wire is not hooked up, do you think I have to provide another power source to the headlight circuit, or does the headlight default to “on” ?
Sorry if I’m driving you mad !

Depends on if you have a handlebar headlight on/off switch - is so, just ensure the yellow/red is hot with key and the switch should power blue/black when on position. If you want it auto headlight when started, that safety relay (with OEM stator) will do it. Some jumpers to the Mike's harness may be in order as you sort through this
Canadian 77D Harness. L/B from Right handle switch-Headlight switch. To safety relay and light checker. Not Reserve lighting relay............Gauge lights, (L)break off L/B.

The 77D Canadian loom Is different to the US 77D.

Similar to the US 78SE where the gauge lights, (L) come off L/B, but US 78SE loom has L/B going to the Reserve lighting
That makes sense !
I’m running different gauges , do I can work around the gauge lighting
So if I understand this correctly, if the L/B is not hooked up at the safety relay, and I have a headlight bar mounted headlight on off switch , which I do, the headlight will still work ?
Sorry , this is a PO parts bike as I’m finding out , “mostly “ a 76

Yes, it appears that the Canadian '77 model came equipped with the later style double safely relay. There are two relays under the cover, one for the starter and one for the headlight. U.S. models didn't get this double relay until '78. The headlight portion automatically turns the headlight on once the motor is started, bypassing the handlebar on-off switch. A rather silly feature in my opinion as it renders the handlebar switch useless once the motor is running. Even if you have the switch turned off, the headlight will still be on, lol.

So, not connecting the L/B wire coming out of the relay is actually a good thing. It will make the handlebar switch work normally again (all the time). In fact, this was one of the first things I figured out and did to my '78 model .....

HL Switch Relay.jpg