Wiring for 2 coils, 76 XS650 Points Ignition


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Not sure I'm grasping how to wire in my two coils. I picked up this bike not running and had to remove all the wiring since it was hacked into. I have two wires coming from the points side, two wires coming from what appears to be the condenser(s) and then the two coils. Are the coils wired in series? What wires are connecting the circuit?


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Welcome to the forum, EODxBadaboom.

Here's a schematic, and a poorly doctored depiction of the connections wiring.
Click on a pic to bring it up full size.
Hope it makes sense...


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Thanks! Those pics make sense now. Last question, since the colored wires on my coils aren't original, is the negative side of the coils going to points/condenser?


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It's been awhile since I've seen coils like that. If those are like the ones we used on 60s-70's Triumphs, then, yes, positive goes to power, negative goes to points. Make sure that the primaries are about 5-6 ohms, and that the secondaries (plug wire to case) are around 3-8 K-ohm. Ensure that the case is well grounded.

Also, the right points go to the right coil and right plug,
and the left points go to the left coil and left plug...
Found out the coils are Emgo, no model number. The points are the left side of the bike, while the auto advance is on the right side. This wiring has been a nightmare. Thanks for the help! Can't wait to get off work and hook it up.
If you look at your points plate, you will notice an "R" stamped next to the upper set of points. That designates it as the right cylinder set. Your points lead should have a gray and an orange wire in it. Wired like stock, the gray wire will connect to the upper (right cylinder) set of points, the orange wire to the lower (left cylinder) set .....


Up near the top motor mount and condenser pack, the original harness contained an orange and a gray wire with double bullet connectors on their ends. The gray points wire and one condenser wire hooked to the gray harness wire, with its other end running over to the right coil. The orange wire and other condenser wire hooked to the orange harness wire's double bullet, its single end going to the left coil .....

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Thanks twomany and 5twins! Once I get a battery, should be able to hear it run for the first time! This is what I've got going on temporarily.


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need help, just bought an xs650 1981, the seller told me that he wanted to put new gaskets do a oil leak, now i got a mess im new on this, kind a mechanical knowledge, heres my question does anyone have a manual for replacement of top end gaskets? and a wirng diagram for a pma/ points setup? also need help to reassemble the engine i will post pictures soon
650charliee, Start a new thread in the Garage section and introduce yourself, give us a description on what you have and some of your ideas as to what you want to do. keeping all your problems in your own thread helps members to remember you and your problems.

For starters an 81 does not have points. Installing a PMA means you will have to buy a new ignition system. The ignition components for your 81 ignition, (Factory electronic Ignition, TCI), may be working but they cannot be used with a PMA.

You see there is a lot of information regarding this area of the bike it is important to get it all in one thread for your own sanity
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