Wiring in a 70-79 Combined Reg/Rect to all points Model XS650's


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SS Combined Reg/Rect Conversion for XS650 Points model.

We are effectively turning this, (factory loom/harness), separate regulator and rectifier to the Solid State, combined, Regulator/rectifier, (SS Reg/Rect) separated by the purple line
70-79  Seperate Reg and rect and SS Reg-Rec 3  u copyright.jpg

There isare different SS reg/rect with different coloured wiring from different manufacturers. In some cases the manufacture/retailer has changed the wire colours and some of the old ones will still be around in some of those parts boxes. I have tried to cover most of the common ones in this tutorial

Different Solid State Reg/Rect manufacturers for Points model XS650

MikesXS #24-2089
Electrosports ESR 350
Ricks Motorsports #14-504

Note; MikesXS has changed his 70-79 Solid State, combined Reg/Rect. The wiring on the Reg/Rect is the Same as Electrosports 70-79 Reg/Rect (model ESR 350),

This has come up recently In this thread http://www.xs650.com/threads/apologies-another-electrical-question.52329/page-2 where Member bought MikesXS 70-79 Solid State combined Reg/Rect and tried to wire it up as per Mikes Instructions

Use this Wiring diagram using the wiring code for Electrosports 70-79 Reg/Rect (model ESR 350), instruction sheet
text Is this correct Jayels answer copy5.jpg Graph01 copy.jpg
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Note; MikesXS has changed his 70-79 combined Reg/Rect. He doesn't post explicit instructions.

Using MikesXS... old instruction sheet... for 70-79 combined Reg/Rect. and a diagram relating to those instructions.........Note; This is not relevant for the 70-79 Combined Solid State Reg/Rect MikesXS sells now

These older 70-79 Combined Reg/Rect may be still out there and found for sale....... or in that stash of parts on your new to you, someone else's failed project

MikesXS 70-79 Combined Reg-Rect copy 2a.jpgtext MikesXS-70-79-SSRegRec 1 copy 1.jpg
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