Workshops and girlfriends

I was kinda hoping this thread was about pictures of your workshops and/or girlfriends. ;)

And by all rights, it should be. Jimmy needs an ass kicking. We need to boycott this thread.

I don't know what you guys' problem is. My woman doesn't come into my studio and mess with my shit... of course the one time she did, I went and greased all of her cake pans with used motor oil. She helped me, I helped her.
My wife helps out in my shop and rides beside me,plus she is in the army of 15 years and can shoot bigger guns than me .I think her everyday for my freedom,she is on her 3rd tour over in afganastan right now.god speed kim:thumbsup::gun::cheers:

Right on, bro. As an old groundpounder with the Big Green Machine, I salute your wife (even if she may be a noncom), and extend my thanks to you both for your service and sacrifice, cuz it ain't just the one who's serving who can use the moral support.
Fortunately, my wife knows better than to mess with my stuff. Yeah, it's a disorganized mess, but I know pretty much where everything is . . . although it did take me way too long to find the OD 5th gear I bought from MikesXS a while back. But I finally found it -- right where I dimly recall leaving it, but under an accretion of a bunch of other stuff. See, it's for things like this you don't want anybody cleaning up after you.