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Regrettably, that's what I'm dealing with in Memphis. Less the guns than the people willing to use them over traffic situations.
Yep. virtually everyone in Wyoming, Montana, West Texas, Arizona etc carries a gun, yet very little gun crime. It's the culture. a disregard for others and zero impulse control. I've been on the receiving end of people that can't control themselves.
Personally I think land splitting is a dangerous practice and I’d never do it. Others will not agree.
I have done long ago, and came to the same opinion. Nevertheless it's sometimes a best option among bad choices. It can be an escape vector, or a trap.
Since 14 to about 65 I carried a revolver. Never had to shoot, but lived in dangerous ways and did have to, ah, make a dramatic gesture once or twice. Toward 60 I got a permit. Prior to that the cops would ask and I would answer, and they always gave the piece back, after sniffing it to see if it'd been fired lately. I have known men who got shot at a stoplight for no apparent reason. The media foments fear and anxiety, men use all sorts of mood changers - these are on TV wonder some schmucks wave 'em around. These days a gun is more liability than treasure, but we live in a nice village...I got rid of the revolver years ago. In LA I'd a kept it.
I don't know if this stuff is a joke or bs with a picture of a pretty girl, well, I think she's a girl...
Sweden makes a new sport. (I always thought of it the same way, nothing new but the judges and, ah "witnesses", when does the pony show get "certified"?)

he tests will last between 45 minutes and an hour and will be evaluated by a jury that will score from 5 to 10 and by
"popular audiences."
I'm in
I can imagine I will get score cards numbered 1 to 10 to display for each round :bed:
Or maybe it will be more like ALL STAR WRESTLING and the winner will have to pin their opponent

Arizona used to have a helmet law, then abolished it some time in the late 70’s - early 80’s. The state legislature also recently passed a law allowing “lane filtering”. With all the hot heads and road rage morons we have here, that’ll go over like a fart in church. Most people aren’t even aware it’s been passed and to have a motorcycle sail by along line of cars and take position at the front of the line? I’m thinking there’s trouble brewing.
I did spend 12 years in SOCAL and splitting lanes. It was natural for me and natural for the drivers around me. I did take a "maximum acceptible impact" level of 15 MPH so I ran maybe 15 mph in stopped traffic . Once the traffic was running 25 mph I would merge in.
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In S Cal I too used to roll 'tween the lanes, mostly when in locked up traffic on hot afternoons, and mostly due to motor heat control. Well, thurst4beer was also a factor. Yes on acceptable crash speed.

On occasion I had near miss with other bikes splitting lane at much faster speeds - something to keep in mind.

Then there are the cage fellas what open their driver's doors at those special moments...
Snagged this Google Maps Streetview pic of our local service station.


Showed it to the mechanics and shop owner.
None of them noticed the oddity.
Until I pointed it out.

The owner has since contacted Google and had the picture replaced.

I just go there for gas and State Inspections.

Don't want them working on my stuff...🤯
I am speechless (which, trust me, is an EXTREMELY rare occurrence...) after viewing the belt carry.

Even leaving aside the likelihood - nay, certainty - of a Stupidity Discharge, Stephen Hawkings could fuck you up before you could get that thing into action...

(Yes, I know he's dead. Sorta makes my point, eh?)