WTF pictures

"Out" house?

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It would be funny picture if... but it's very interesting... Invent balloon captions as they occur fellas!

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"Can you fit a turbo-encabulator?"
"Sure thing, yes, we can slide it in under the grockle valve, but we'd need a licence from the US."
"Those Sons of Satan! We'll make our own turbo-encabulator, and a better one, too."
Pre or post 2016???
I think the pic is current event related, but sure there is plenty of funny business goin' on the "optic war".. Myself, well, it calls for amusing speech-balloons, but the machine and the place interest me. Photoanalysis fellas might make something technical about the nifty flyer... and of the men, indications of heart disease, for example... and the pic may be a real fake... maskirovka - Persian are not stupid... Looks real enough, and the men don't look like stand-ins or imposters, eh?