WTF pictures

I was met that way at a campground once with " Many of the campers here are police officers, we don't want any trouble".

Been turned away at many campgrounds, even with overflow tent camping, and state park campgrounds.
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Ghost ship?

Friday afternoon. Me on my XJ650RJ (Seca) running up the backside of the "Grapevine" San Joacin valley headed south to LA. Seems like 10 0r 15 miles of steady climb on winding 4 lane. I have a tank bag and a duffle strapped to the tank and am making a steady 80 mph. The limit was 55 in those days. My girlfriend, now my wife, was expecting me for a weekend visit. I wasn't watching rear view mirrors to closely. This bastard went past me at about 100 mph up the hill to set his speed trap for the down hill vehicles going too fast.
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well, I have no picture...but picture this story fellas! (oh1 the shame, I feel so violated... ;) ) Crazyruskie.

Comes to mind the story about the male shop attendant ..
Enters the woman to the store with a pistol in each hand demanding the money from the register .
After that she told him Now we are going to the back room and you are going to have sex with me
pointing the guns at him.
And the actions started and as the Story goes there was some excitement .. so she dropped the Pistols
The man
--- I would prefer you picked up the guns my wife is coming any minute now
My headboard on my bed is against a window, with a security screen, that I have open in the warmer months of the year. Have a light curtain to keep a street light off me that I arrange to let in fresh air but cuts the light.

Doing a clean the other day, pulled back the curtain and saw this.

A 1.5 meter snake skin left on the security screen when it used the screen to shed it's skin. Would have been no more than 2' from my head.

Both (VC10 & 747) have the "5th engine" installed. Sometimes called "ferry engines." Used to transport an engine somewhere relatively quickly to replace an engine on another, non-flyable jet.
Funny story....
A 727 could legally fly on 2 of it's 3 engines as a "ferry only flight." Means all it can do is fly straight back to home station.

One of our 727's went down out in Az (iirc) when two of it's 3 engines took bird strikes. We loaded the bootstrap equipment (that's the full engine change kit) on a perfectly good 727 and flew flew out to AZ, parked 'em side by side on the ramp, dropped the center engine on both, swapped 'em and had two flyable jets..... both 2 engine ferry's of course, but we got 'em both home so they'd get a proper fixin' and back out in revenue service.