WTF pictures

During one of my 1st drag races in the early 60's, I witnessed a dragster blow out the crank with rods and some pistons connected through the oil pan. He was almost to the finish lights. He ran over it and the car flew thought the air...where's my camera?? Driver was ok.

The avenge the Canadian mafia? Sorry Bro's
Just combining the 2 secular and religious
Here in the states it's already been done 40+ years ago
When I was a kid you went to church to observe the holy day and came home to the spend a way
On the way to Church, Mom used to recite this, more or less> "Well, it's in one way or another essentially the old religion everyone mostly shares in history, the king dies, and is reborn in a new body...ritualistically in our time, with an axe in some old times...when most people lived with the wise old women and sometimes their husbands, maybe, choosing the new for a year, on probation."

And yes indeed, we went to Church and prayed, thence home hearth and family, without TV. Grandfather recited poetry sometimes, while we listened in awe. The western Christmas is mostly Roman, overlain on Pagan forms with a pollution of commercial dross.