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Miss Rollie Free>

Yes Sir The Hairdo it has been invented without tape I believe it is called a Pot Cut or Bowl Cut
Skinhead but the other way around Sporting a Tie to that
I Believe it is DIY can be hard finding a salon providing that service.

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The late, great Moses Horowitz. R.I.P.
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As a teenager during the war I was taking mechanical drafting at Hawthorne High School, and Northrop needed people to lay out templates for the Flying Wing. I graduated a few months early and started working full-time for them in 1944. When I was a kid I saw the prototype in the air, a smaller version of the Flying Wing. I also saw the piston version of the full-size Flying Wing take off and later I saw a fly-over of the jet version. I remember looking and I’m looking and I don’t see a damn thing. All of a sudden there it is, like a ruler in the air. It flew low over the factory in Hawthorne and then dipped one wing and did an absolutely 180-degree turn so quick I couldn’t believe it. Then it took off and headed toward Edwards Air Force Base. Politics killed that airplane. Sixty years later they figured out it was a great design.

MO: What came first, airplanes or motorcycles?

40 North also saw the piston wing prototype fly over Hollywood. Once.
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Two thieves broke into a house, went into the master bedroom and tied up the naked woman they found there.

A startled naked man came out of the bathroom, saw what happened and said, "Please, please, take whatever you want! I’ll even give you the combination to my safe. Just please untie her and let her go."

The thieves were surprised by how heartfelt man was.

One of them said, "Wow, you must really love your wife in order to beg like that."

The man replied, "I do, and she’ll be home any minute!"
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WTF, at the least, they should learn to Photoshop properly.
I did not study the photo, prior to 1989 there was a wall that divided east and west. That was part of my motivation to enlist in the USMC, I already had an appointment to the US Merchant Marine acedemy Kings Point at the time, and part of my motivation to take a job in the aerospace industry later. After the wall came down a number of other factors drew me away from the spaceage (airborne radar) to the stoneage (family gravel pit).
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