WTF pictures

What a work of art. I was fortunate enough to see and hear the Group 44 V-12 Jags race at Daytona in the early 80's IIRC. The only automotive engine that equals that sweet note is the Ferrari 3.0 V-12 from the GTO, IMHO.
A bit rough in execution but yes, a work of art.

Late 80's to mid 90's following GTP and F1's my best "sounding" was/were the 4 chamber Mazda(loud bastard), Peugeot V12 and my fav, Lambo V12.

The few Jags were OK, but, Jags,Ferrari's sounded like a turbine. Hart V8 was special as well as the 4 banger turbo BMW.

For some reason the lady reminds me of the summer of 1965, and the astonishment when you realized in September that she was your algebra teacher.
People didn't talk about it much, but at the time funny business, generally long term affairs, between the older boys and lady teachers... such funny business was within my circle known to take place between individuals known to me, and I assume not very unusual. I remember running into a couple I knew at High School, on campus at UCLA and still engaged in their quiet assignation. I believe they got their PhD's

Speaking of airplanes... I do not think this one is a Vulcan or a B- anything... pretty dashboard...and it calls out for amusing captions.... "launch button Comrade?" or Watch this! (Privately while I love all the pretty machines, I hate to see them smashing stuff, or getting smashed...)