XS2 caliper

Maybe on the 72, but on my 75 you loosen the top nut, take out the lower bolt then rotate on the upper till off the rotor, and the caliper rolls over to come right off. It takes a bit of wiggling to get it past the rotor as the upper stud comes out of the fork.
The 75 book and the 72 books use the same method.
Are the pistons ok. If they are rusty and pitted then you need new ones.
The square section o-ring that seals around the piston if not cut or damaged can be reused. The groove it sets in needs to be cleaned very well. Any crud in the groove push the o-ring to hard against the piston and can bind it.
Hello guys,

Any idea to take pistons (2) off a Yamaha xs -72 caliper? Compress air does not work!

On early 2 pistons calipers you need to split it apart and blow air in each caliper half shell, if you blow air in assembled caliper when first piston will be gone all air pressure will go through open side and pressure will no more push the remaining piston...