XS2 Survivor resurection.

The only time I levered on a cheap front tire I spent weeks healing. Might have been young and unskilled...
I realize these are not performance tires. The speed rating is just barely above Texas's max speed on it's new tollway. I wanted cheap tires for around town. As long as they keep the inner tube on the inside I'll be happy. I also know the ribbed front is/was not first choice for tires if you wanted to ride in a spirited manor or ride on steel bridges or rain grooves.
Some progress, it's had the top end rebuilt and back in. Need to take it for a test ride but the weather keeps saying no.



What's the reason behind that oil pipe lower fitting mod?
Bad threads in the case. When putting the fitting in it did not spin in by hand. I remembered when taking it out it didn't spin out with just my fingers like normal. Didn't think much of it. Going back in it felt strange. Went to tighten and felt mushy. Took it back out and found a sliver of thread on the fitting. Looked in the case and could see the threads were in bad shape. Fudge. Decided to clean out the bad threads and see how it felt. Went in like normal except when I went to tighten it it still had the mushy feeling. Double fudge. The hole is taped all the way to the bottom. Decided to modify a fitting so it would reach further. Seems to have worked. Fitting threaded in like normal and tightened up like normal. No leak so far, fingers crossed. When it tightened up it was a hard stop no mushy feeling. I also pulled the side filter off and flushed the passage out with brake clean and compressed air so I should have no pieces of threads going into the head.
Weather sucked on Monday.
After lunch today I decided to get the title transferred to me and order plates. Holly crap prices have gone up. Over $200 for it all. Plates not bad $41, title transfer $150 plus $25 sales tax. Only reason tax was that low is I fudged on the price I paid. $25 is minimum. I had not done a private title transfer since the 90s much cheaper then.
Since I spent that much on it today I decided I needed to ride it. Low 50s and overcast, perfect. Went for a 20 smile ride. Bike runs well. Did a bunch of break in. 50 to 70 or so at 2/3 to 3/4 throttle, decel down to 50 go again. Engine pulls nice and clean no stumbling or missing. After 10 smiles pulled over to turn around, bike went to a nice idle. Looked under it to see if oil was running out, no drips. Back home I went. More breaking in.
Engine so far so good. Clutch feels normal. Breaks work ok, front is normal, rear not so much. I did not replace rear shoes. I bead blasted the old ones and they looked fine. Most likely get a better set like I have on my original XS2. Suspension and tires fell surprisingly good. Rear shocks actually felt ok but it was only a short ride. Front forks felt very good. I had replaced the springs with new progressive springs like I have on the other XS2. On this one I also made 1/2 inch spacers for the springs. Much better I think. Less break dive when breaking and droop when just setting on bike.
Just like my other XS2 no vibration in the handle bars. Mirror rock solid at all speeds. No vibration in the pegs unless I put enough weight on them to stand up. It does have a little in the seat, nothing a Air Hawk won't handle.
All in all very happy so far. Need to get some more smiles on it, do a oil change, pull the left cover for a light polishing and inspect the clutch.
Bike is sold. :(
Really hated to sell it because it rode and handled very well. It's going to a good home! Wish I had room to keep it.
By Spring I should have another bike built or close to it.
Bike is sold. :(
Really hated to sell it because it rode and handled very well. It's going to a good home! Wish I had room to keep it.
By Spring I should have another bike built or close to it.

Well that’s alright, you brought another old bike back to being ridden, that’s always a good thing.