XS2 Won't start - Condenser Fault?

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I'm new to working on motorcycles and I got a xs2 last summer. I had to change the 3rd gear because it was broken. I took the whole engine apart to learn and fixed the gear. Put it back together and it ran smoothly for a short period. First I had fuel running straight through the carbs. I adjusted the floaters (25+mm) and haven't had any fuel leak problems after that. I started the engine and it started to backfire and run bad, and stopped. After that I haven't got it running again.

I think it's wrong timing and I think I got the timing ok for it to start at least. But it does start. I read in the Owners Workshop Manual that a condenser at fault could make it difficult to start or misfiring. I think I did the test but I'm not sure. Added a video of what I did:

"If the engine proves difficult to start, or misfiring occurs, it is possible a condenser is at fault. To check, separate the contact points by hand when the ignition is switched on. If a spark occurs across the points as they are separated by hand and they have a blackened and a burnt appearance, the condenser associated with that set of points can be regarded as unserviceable"

There is compression, spark and fuel/air

Anyone have any tips on how to get it running?
You didn’t happen to swap the point leads accidentally. That would give you the backfire.
I dont think I touched them after the first time i got it running. But when I did the timing again now, I swaped the points leads because I couldnt figure out why the light bulb I connect to the points lights up and didn't go off. But I think I figured that out and understood that it was on the wrong cylinder. When I do the timing now, the light bulb light is stronger on Fire-mark and goes off past the fire-mark. It stays on before fire-mark.

I've read that some one had a similar problem as me, (ran fine for a while and suddenly started to backfire and starting problems) and it turned out to be the condenser.
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