XS650.com T-shirt Presale (Presale ends Sunday April 30th, 2017 at 11pm CDT)

T-shirts arrived today, very elegant! And, just in time for Fleetwood Country Cruize-in, bonus!
Thanks for all the hard work you did to make this happen Travis.
Much appreciated.
You're welcome guys. I'm glad this has all worked out so far. Monday will be two weeks since all of the shirts shipped. If anyone didn't get theirs or has a problem with your order, let me know right away.
Travis, sorry I'm a little late in saying this , since I started all this work for you, but thanks again. I got my two shirts and am very happy with them!
My size XL tee arrived at my house in Saskatoon yesterday. Thanks to all those who made this happen.
Coincidentally, another tee came in the same mail delivery; this one a father's day gift from my eldest daughter.
Black, size XL, white legend that sez.
just like an ordinary dad
but cooler.
All that was good but the follow-up when I was forced to triage my tee-shirt collection to make room for the new stuff, not so much.
Picked mine up from the mailbox last week. Fits good and real happy. Thanks Travis.
Glad to have so much positive feedback. Thanks guys.

Now that I'm fairly confident everyone got their t-shirt from the presale, the extra shirts are available for anyone who wants one. Maybe you like yours so much you need another? There are no Small or 4XL shirts, but at least two of all of the other sizes. Add a shirt to your cart then click checkout and it will tell you if your size is out of stock.