XS650 Craigslist postings depository

Ended in last minute slugfest, selling @ $7600👍
Was that U.S. dollars or Canadian? Either way, our toys are getting some respect.


Edit: $7600 USD
Yeah, unfortunately I'm not too far away here in Washington State myself.

Always thought it would be cool to have the bookend to the XS-650 run, since I have the beginning of the series...

I need some self discipline though, running outta room. 😆
Go save that bike from the Sawsall!
Negative ghost rider, the pattern is full...

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I always end up telling myself... "Well, if I sell that one extra Special that I was saving for an extra Street Tracker or Dual Sport project", or "maybe I dont really need to keep that CB-160?".

Then I buy the great deal I just found and end up saying "Oh, just one more isn't gonna hurt anything space wise...I'll make it fit somewhere". 😆