XS650 Craigslist postings depository

I don't know what they want for it.
Probably 1.5 to 2 times what it's worth. So, probably $10k, but I have no idea. They typically ask for top dollar ++. I've been there, they are nice people, but they have to pay for a huge facility that houses several floors of classic bikes. If you live in the northeastern US, it's worth the trip.
1978 Yamaha xs
in Mosinee, WI
14,632 miles
Did run before it was put away last year, now it won’t start don’t know what’s going on with it. When it ran, it ran good. Have a title for it. $950 obo


There's 2 prices for used stuff...the seller has one and the buyer has one.

I hope he can sell it for close to is asking...that will keep the value up for these machines. Now, if I was buying it, I would have a different value on it.

I don't know what they want for it.
I'm a regular follower of Ken Kaplan on youtube....love his videos and enthusiasm for motorcycles.

He made his fortune early on in the computer business, then eventually retired from that and went into the motorcycle business.

I do however, often wonder just how far in debt that guy has to be?

Its crazy those buildings he's bought and renovated, the home he lives in, the 18 wheeler and trailer he has, etc, etc...

He's definitely an all in kinda guy. :yikes:

Incidentally, that French Blue bike already sold on eBay, I was watching it too.
Hello everyone my Father just acquired a 1975 Yamaha XS650 from a friend that recently passed away and has no time to finish the project and would like to sell it as is. The old owner had it torn down to a roller which is its current state to be rebuilt as a Cafe Racer.
Bellow is all the information he has on it and has a Clean Florida Title. Located in Miami, FL
Any questions or any more information need please reach out to my Father, he has no Social Media so I'm posting it for him. Thank you
1975 yamaha xs650 completely apart with clean Florida Title
Old Owner was going Cafe Racer style on Rebuild but have all parts to go back Original.
Engine is partially rebuilt with new pistons and rings, cylinders honed, Cylinder head is off engine, possibly needs to be redone.
All the following are new parts and most are still in boxes and never installed. New seat, Gas tank, carburetors, exhaust pipe, aluminum foot pegs, headlight and tail light assembly, handle bars, master cylinder, braided lines. Well over $1500 in New parts. Also have Original owners manual, Cliners Rebuild Manual and alot of Custom literature to Reassemble the bike.
$1300 with Motorcycle lift or $1000 without the lift.
Located in Miami, FL 33186
Call Chuck 786-457-6883