XS650 Engine Parts Year Range


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Orlando, FL
So im building an XS650 engine, and was wondering if there was a website or list someone had to corelate a year range for parts specific to the engine. The crankcase is a 72 which I know is kicker only (EDIT: First year of electric), im just curious if I need to keep everything from the year range of 71-72 parts (pre-electric). Or do I have freedom to use a 73 clutch cover? If anyone has a website or knowledge of compatible parts for earlier XS750s please let me know, thanks!
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Drill down to your bike/year on www.partzilla.com and then through to any specific part. Scroll down, and there is list of where the part is used listed by year together with where it is used on other Yamaha models.

Any part with the same part number will fit.

Does this help?
Yes, thank you! I had found the site a while ago but never was really in the situation of building where I needed parts. Recently got reminded of it through some of these forums but I didnt know it would show the year range of the parts. This is a lifesaver thank you for the information!