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Lexington KY
Hello everyone, I’m from central Kentucky near Lexington. I’m currently looking for a titled xs650 frame preferably within a couple hour drive of my location. It’ll be a bonus if it’s already a hard tail. My plan is to build a fun little bobber as a winter project. I have a friend with a motor that needs a top end rebuild and misc parts he will sell me relatively cheap from a project of his.
Guy near Chicago is selling an 82ish frame with title. See the classy ad
Just checked it out it’s a 12 hour round trip. That’s much further than I was planning to drive. I’m afraid that shipping would kill the deal as well. Thanks for looking out but I think I’m going to be patient and wait for something closer. I’m in no hurry to start this part of the build. I’m supposed to pick up the motor and other parts this week. From what I have been told the motor will need a top end so I will start there and hopefully find a frame with a title in the meantime.
Bump. This will be my five so that I can pm. I’m supposed to pick up the motor and various parts tomorrow. I’m still looking but I’m going to focus on getting the motor squared away for now. Hopefully a frame comes up before I’m done. I’ll mark this as found if I find a frame locally or hopefully through the classifieds here.