XS650 Model Identification/Year/VIN, Workshop Manuals, and Other Information


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Chapter 6; Electrical


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Chapter 7; Appendix


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Chapter 7; Appendix

Cable routing for Standard frame


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XS650C Supplementary Service manual


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XS650C Supplementary Service manual


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XS650D Supplementary Service manual


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XS650D Supplementary Service manual


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XS650D Supplementary Service manual


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XS650D Supplementary Service manual


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[IMG alt="BluzPlayer"]https://www.xs650.com/data/avatars/m/30/30835.jpg?1641532710[/IMG] BluzPlayer

Yet another posting unrelated to the thread by the great whiney one. The self appointed thread cop that hijacks as many threads as possible with unrelated content while crying his eyes out whenever someone else does the same.
The constant whining and crying by all the severe violations that occurs under the dutiful watch of the forum's Barney Fife.... yet it is as obvious as the sun in the sky that the buffoon doesn't feel obligated to follow or respect those rules himself. The hilarious thing about this particular posting which good ole boy Barney spent 5 hours digging up is that Andy and Debbie from Pazon basically verified what Peanut said...
Of course good ole Barney has never been known for his smarts. He's far more famous for his ONE bullet. (Is it Silver I wonder?).
Anyways Boyer had the same thoughts as Peanut on the issue because that is more than likely the reality of what happened. Pazon was saved by the copyright expiration.
They say so themselves.

"We appear to have been singled out for these negative comments, simply because we worked for them."


Of course the entire worthless diatribe above was only even made possible because the forum's Supersized Crybaby felt it critical to RunTellDat to our dear friends Andy and Debbie.
I mean really?
Does Barney double as Goober too?
Like they didn't already know these things were being said about them. Thank goodness our ever diligent thread cop was on duty.

So Barney, congratulations on verifying that Peanut's position was a common position shared by Boyer to the point of legal action that was was actually proven in the statement your star "WITNESSES' themselves confirmed.
You have to do more than just read the words little man. You need to understand what you are reading. Something you fail at miserably.
This may rate right up there with your..
"The Guv'ment made me eat that Big Mac" posting. Your idiocy never ceases to amaze.

Not that any of your posting has to do with your constant and continuous harassment of Peanut from thread after thread.

He's referring to 650Skull. For whatever reason, he (they?) have decided to come along and take a wrecking ball to every thread they want.
He??? Yea.
I answered the question asked.
You can and have chosen to ignore Skulls
hijacking of threads and constant insulting of other members on the forum for years.
It is why it continues.
These kinds of thread wrecking skirmishes have been ongoing within this forum LONG before I ever visited this site. One name is prominent in all those exchanges.
You can lay down and ignore and or tolerate his constant bullying but I won't.
This began with his off topic posting.
It exploded when he couldn't handle the truth when his question was answered.
You are incorrect in stating it is my goal to run Skull off of the forum. Not even close.
I would prefer a more cordial relationship.
But if Barney decides to continue stirring the pot and baiting myself or other members...
Let's just say there is an ignore button.
Feel free to use it.

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XS650D Supplementary Service manual

We,(local pump) has been back to $2.05.9c for over a month now. Did get as low as $1.70 after covid.

Interesting news
Exxon Mobil saw its biggest quarterly profits in the company's 152 history in the third quarter of 2023. $112.07 billion in quarterly revenue, more than double its top line for the same period last year
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Masks reduce the chance of spreading by about 80%.............i think wearing undies and pants/shorts, panties/skirt would qualify as a mask.

But Hey, who am i to deny one some pleasure if a but plug is desired

Combining social distancing and mask wearing in normal situations, like supermarkets, shops or anywhere outside where contact with other people is the norm then they will 99.9% of the time stop you from getting the virus. In a crowded room with a party going on then they will slow down the chances depending on the amount of time your in an exposed environment..........also don't forget in that crowded room, and anywhere else, the virus can stay active up to a week on certain surfaces, stainless steel is one of the worst, door handles, so hand contact, then poor hand mask handling contact will also make you susceptible.........

Ignorance is not bliss, its a blister

Australia and NZ have proved what needs to be done to control the virus...........hit it hard and fast.........it is going to Keep popping up because we have this 2 week thing when it seems that there are cases where the incubation may take longer.............Federal gov't complained all the way and wanted The state of Victoria to loosen restrictions before it had suppressed the virus..........Virus has been suppressed and now they are looking to lift restrictions............

There are constant reports on the medical reports of the virus, best practices on how to avoid spreader situations and to lessen the chances of contracting and spreading it......Reports on.the medical experts being sidelined, muzzled and replaced with people who are not experts in the field...

If a head of state constantly berates people around him/her to take off their masks, has gatherings where guidelines are not adhered to, eg, people not wearing masks, hand shaking kissing and hugging, which in turn creates super spreader events, then the general population is divided.........if a state or territory does try to implement controls they are publicly shamed and this divides the public more and anarchy starts to emerge.............

This is what i am reading......

.been the longest lock-down in the world to date but because other countries have let it run for so long before doing the lock-down they are now going to have to do gov't controlled, real harsh lock-downs and curfew's........These actions are whats going to make people rebel more, due to inaction and the longer this thing gets drawn out...............

This is from what is happening now, here, down-under........
Yes there are and have been gov't handouts to soften the blow of lock-downs..........Our taxes are used for the national good, (so we are told all the time), for roads infrastructure, and all those things to make our life better............in a 1 in 100 year crises, why shouldn't we expect the govt to use our taxes for the national good and soften the blow by making sure that we have enough to get by, so that when we do get out of this, the base of the economy is still there so it can recover because if we let business collapses people wont have the money to start up again.............

Banks have put mortgages on hold, (people still have to pay the mortgage just not right now), and why shouldn't the banks help out. they still get their money + interest, its just not right now..........The gov;t used tax payers money to bale out the banks out in the financial crises...............

Now we are nearing the end of the hard road, travel bubbles are starting to open up............There is Australia, NZ, at the moment, Teething problems but in time.........and then the whole pacific and also in the future some south east Asian countries could be involved............

The economy has shrunk, and there are a lot of business that have folded and people lost jobs...............not as bad as if there was no rope pulling, but walking away and leaving the rope on the ground, it will only rot

XJ this is becoming a repetitive issue.....if you read the article you would have seen there is a link to verify the base information in the article.......

650Skull said:
Interesting hypothesizes on the how severity is affected by contact
xjwmx said:
^That's old speculation (repeat, speculation) that was first heard half a year ago after the Chinese doc that he mentions died. Gupta, cnn's resident doc, might serve better by basing a report on some scientific experiment on something somewhere instead of drumming up clicks. But there's that pesky head of cnn he has to deal with
The information in the above post article was written on the 8th September.......is based on a working hypothesize, from the New England journal of medicine..........from a link in the above post
This based on 5 references and citing 8 articles

media bias fact check..........so there is no confusion or claims of media or my bias or of my own personal views or opinion

Number of people who go bankrupt every year because of medical bills: UK - 0 France - 0 Spain - 0 Portugal- 0 Denmark - 0 Australia - 0 Iceland - 0 Italy - 0 Finland - 0 Ireland - 0 Germany - 0 Netherlands - 0 Sweden - 0 Japan - 0 Chile - 0 Canada - 0 United States - 643,000
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