Ya ever have one of them days...


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Downeast Maine
When everything ya touch turns to shit? You know, King Midas in reverse?

Had family doings this afternoon for Mother's Day.

So this morning I figured I'd fire up the riding mower and touch up the high spots in the lawn. First mowing this year. Made about three passes and puked up the belt on the deck. Must not have looked at it closely enough when I serviced it last Fall before putting it away. So the mower is down until Amazon ships me a new belt.

OK then, I'll fire up the Cabota and lug off all those rocks I raked out of the garden plot. Did that, backed it back into the barn and shut it off, got out and...Sniff, sniff...Gee, that smells like antifreeze. Yup, constant drip from under the tractor. With the loader on and in that dark barn, can't really tell where it's coming from.

Took the loader off ran it up to the garage and took the side panels off to get a better look. Bottom radiator hose rubbed through on a bracket. Could have been worse (water pump fer instance...) but the tractor is out of service until I can get a new one as I really don't think I could make a generic fit. On order from Messicks.

Thinking I'll take the hint and just sit on my dairy air until the crew arrives for the lobster feed.