Yamaha 650 twins sold in the UK ?


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I suppose really I should be posting this UK XS650 forum, but it don't seem to work with my phones browser none too well.
I'd just like to work out exactly which XS models were actually sold here (the UK) back in the day.
This is my understanding thus far.
1972 was the beginning of time for British motorcyclists, the XS1 and XS1B were never sold here.
We got the XS2 from 1972 to 1974, the TX650 was never sold here.
Then in 1975 we got the XS650B with its beefed up frame, twin discs (for the UK), and big quiet silencers.
We got the 650C for '76, still with 34mm forks on the UK models.
I'm really not sure about the 650D, I don't know if we got any.
I certainly remember owning a UK spec XS650E with the 35mm forks and single piston calipers.
I don't think we ever got the XS650F roadster
Then in 1978 it was all change with the 650 Special.
Everyone loved them in my area, they sold like hot cakes.
We got the SE for '78 and the SF for '79
1980 brought the "650 Custom" with the lift off seat.
XS650SG I think
Yamaha still called it a 650 Special, but the side panel badges for the UK bikes said "U.S. Custom" so that's what people called it.
I'm not sure if the SH model with the alloy wheels and rear drum ever made it here.
I suspect not.
The SJ and SK Heritage specials never made it across the Atlantic.
And none of the Special 2 economy versions were ever sold here.

Well that's how I think it worked out, if anyone knows differently, I'd be happy to be re-educated
I don't suppose that many people even care what models were sold where around the world, and if you see a 650 being ridden in the UK now, it's probably a grey import from the USA or Canada.

I'd just like to get my history of the XS in the UK right, if only for old times sake.
The late '70's and early '80's were good times for me.
The United Kingdom regional forum seems to be a bit of a backwater, so I post everything in the main XS650.
I don't know about UK But I have a

Yamaha 3l1 Xs 650 Se

Year 1980 in the government paper work / title
it is a US Custom ..but there is no mention of that in the VIN document

I if recall right one of the two I have had Germany written on some paper. So perhaps Europe had them including UK
There can be faults in the paperwork but that is what it says
The frame number was checked at the MOT inspection so that at least is correct.
And it had Points from the start.