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While out for a ride yesterday I spotted this in a Farmer's Junk Pile


From a little googling I see that it's a Yamaha XJ550R.

Anyone work on any of these? Are they worth restoring? From the looks of the place, I doubt there's a title or even a set of keys, but who knows.

That thought I'd ask here before I start knocking on strangers doors.
Looks to be a 81 Seca. I looked at one last year that was in pretty good shape for $1000 . I passed on it because the carbs were a little funky and I hate trying to balance 4 carbs.

I peg that one as a parts bike. You would have more in it getting it rideable than its worth.
If it has that YICS ports, you'll need a special tool to balance the carbs.
I have one of these coming to my shop with carb problems. What special tool do you need? I have a vacuum sync tool. Is there something unique to the yics?
I am redoing one now. It is an 83 seca 550.The Seca is very high strung, redlining at 10k and liking to run 6k+ and having a close ratio 6 speed tranny, it should be a blast. Rated at 50hp. My xs650 is only rated at 50hp.


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I have passed by that bike for years. I think I can find out who the owner is? Been thinking of asking for it. I showed someone the bike and he said it would be a ton of work, something was open allowing junk in the motor. Is it possible to get all shit out of a motor?
don't go trying to turn it over till you find out what is in there...I would pull the head.