Yamaha's next concept bike


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Okay, your head is spinning over the various build styles, you kinda know what turn you on, not so sure about other stuff.
Plus, you're a musician, not a gearhead.

You like the fat tire look. Great for mud mauling, tundra touring, or gnarly gravel.

You want the mushy monoshock suspension, floats over the badlands.
Plus, only one shock to worry about, uncomplicated.

You want no rear fender, and one of those high-mount solo seat mounts to clear the rear tire.

But, you don't care for those tractor-inspired solo seats.

Need something racier, swooping, like on those cool/sleek sportbikes.

And, it needs a name. Bold, strong, single-syllable. But, "Bolt" has already been taken.

Need to get back to your roots. Huh? That's it!

The Ahamay Root


Notice how the seat also serves as both front and rear fender.

Think of the awsome "planking" possibilities!

Found here: http://www.yamaha.com/design/ahamay/detail/
I'll have what he's having.
wait...nope don't want nothing to do with that atrocity
Watching Science Fiction shows back in the 50s, 60s, 70s, and their depictions of the human situation 50 years into the future, this kinda stuff just wasn't on the prediction radar.

I think those ahamaY guys were smoking some crazy stuff when they come up with that thing. :doh:

Well, that explains it, then...
Hi Guys,

Hmmm....a board for a seat/fender combo. So the front tire sprays water and road crap all over the engine, and the rear tire sprays all over the brains--oops, I mean (ahem) "Bottom" of the rider, but it will look so cool profiling in front of the hamburger hangout.....not.

I sure wish they would build Matchless G80s again........I'd like points, and a real carb, chain drive, and the proper swing-arm with two shocks. All that 21st Century electronic garbage is why I ride old bikes......to be rid of the modern junk.

And I prefer maps printed on real honest-to-God paper. So I guss I'd pass on the surf-board concept....thing. (Whatever it is...)

Waving my curmudgeon flag.....no, no---Curmudgeon, not Confederate. :)

Lovin' my old Brit and XS Bangers.....:bike:
Hmmm....a board for a seat/fender combo...

... it will look so cool profiling in front of the hamburger hangout.....

...I'd like points, and a real carb, chain drive, and the proper swing-arm with two shocks.

...Lovin' my old Brit and XS Bangers.....:bike:

Hey, Barb!

Not a problem.

They're working up the prototypes now!

*Laughing* Wait just a minute! How old is that Enfield? She better be 18, or I see some jail time in your future if you don't (ahem) "dismount" right this instant!

BTW, I'd *much* rather have that Enfield than the "concept bike"----oh, I know the Enfield is a modern version, but at least it looks the part of a proper bike!
Ahhh, now I see: the ancient art of "Desk Abuse". If they were from upriver from the valley where I live, they'd all be cousins, too. :eek:

Now, y'all may wonder why I'm "wasting" time playing with this thread, but the alternative is to go out and (once more) attack the rampaging blackberries, some of which are 18 or 20 feet tall. Seriously. But, alas, I'm nearly out of ice-water, so (it being way too early here for Irish and mix) I must be off to the wars....and the berries are winning, even against my little John Deere!!

Blackberries and Twinkies will be the food that survives the nuclear war so that the cockroaches will have something to eat........

Ranging far afield, but I still don't like the concept bike. I want a vertical, or nearly so, twin or single. Light, quick, able to run on a freeway with luggage but still play on logging roads.......gee, maybe I should just find a nice SR500, to go with my XS's! :bike:

Onward into the fog,
Just ran into a guy with a nice SR500 14k miles "nearly" all stock thinking of selling if he can find a worthy buyer.