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Hi Jim, I sent a couple emails. Maybe they are in your spam or junk? I need you to do another rewind for me. This time it is an 82' XS400 RJ. Send me an email if you'd like to take it on. I may have 3 more coming your way too..thanks, Greg (Hondo57)
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Sent you a reply Greg.
All the items should easily fit in a USPS med flat rate box. I will take them If you will ship them to Kansas. Let me know. Thanks, Phil.
I'm assuming that your tank and seat are from Omar's, what's your opinion on quality, fuel capacity comfort (yeah, I know it's not a touring bike). How long have you had them? Thanks
Hi Scotty did you ever rectify your battery-less none starting situation? I have a similar setup with mikes xs PMA and capacitor with correct rectifier, no start. I have a high output iggy from mikes as well. This seems like it may be my issue as well. What did you find?


Hey Tog
If I were in Adelaide I would volunteer my riding services for a turn on such a nice build.
Well done
I'll keep that in mind if I move to Vic.
Do the name Joel Rogers strike a familiar note ? :)
Not off hand, why do you ask, who did he work for
Hey Jon, I can do $70 for the carbs. Paypal is marklocklear@yahoo, or I can do cash app or zelle.
Mark?, thanks for getting back to me. Is that $70 shipped?

$70 shipped or $70 plus shipping?
Seeing your like on "wanted 13.5 inch shocks" you assume I need an "attitude" adjustment on the tracker. It does look just "not quite right" to me and a lift in the back might be the ticket. The konls seem fine so far, just short. I have not adjusted the dampening yet but put the preload to lowest and get ~1 inch sag with my fat ass on the saddle.Cheers.
Can you tell me how much for the title frame plus shipping to 30045? Lawrenceville, GA
Man, I hate that NR is gone. I get it, though.
If you happen to have any more of those kits, let me know.
Let me look and see what I got. I'll let you know.
Re. pics: the upper row shows 33 mm. flat slide pumpers. 1st pic shows the throttle shaft splice. Carb pics in the second row show TM36/68s, now residing on gggGary's shelf.