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Forward controls

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by geoholl, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. geoholl

    geoholl XS650 Member

    Does anyone have a drawing for DIY Forward controls? I have seen Forward controls on EBAY but I'd rather do it myself if possible.

  2. geoholl

    geoholl XS650 Member

    Come on guys.. someone has to have an idea on this or maybe even some pics of a "Store bought" set that would help.. I need to find something to do over the next few months..lol

  3. These TC Bros forward controls are about as simple as they get.

    You could buy a couple of different sets of controls from different companies for inspiration, then design your own based on them, and resell the sets you bought.

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  4. crash

    crash XS650 Junkie

    tc brother foward controls are nicely make we have a set on one our bikes:thumbsup:
  5. shreveport1

    shreveport1 XS650 Addict

    I'm about to build some next week.I will take some pic's and do a little write up about it. (going to the State Fair with the Wife and kids this weekend :D)
  6. geoholl

    geoholl XS650 Member

    Just checked in, did you ever get any pics of the Forward Controls you were making?
    I have a machinist friend that just needs a drawing or some good pics and dimensions.

  7. jimed

    jimed XS650 Enthusiast

    Here is what I have.

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  8. crash

    crash XS650 Junkie

    thanks jimed:thumbsup:
  9. anyone have a cheaper kit than the tcbros one? homemade would even work for me ;) just don't want to fork out $150 for controls. . .
  10. Well the only DIY plans I know of are the ones that Jimed already posted up. I have them bookmarked on the garage.
  11. Alfredo, I don't think they get any cheaper new than the TC bros ones. Going to have to make your own I guess.
  12. CorradoG60

    CorradoG60 XS650 Enthusiast

    I'm gonna have to agree.
  13. CorradoG60

    CorradoG60 XS650 Enthusiast

    My buddy and I are gonna try to make some hopefully with in the month. I'm waiting on my seat to come it so I can get an idea where I want the controls. I have an old engine in my garage that I plan on using the conecting rods as the pegs and the wrist pins as the brake and shifter pedal.
  14. Visegrippe

    Visegrippe lurker extraordinaire...

    Should I make proper drawings of the forward controls sketched above?
  15. i have a guy who can fabricate them for me, just need better plans . . . so go for it Visegrippe! :smoke:
  16. suthpaw22

    suthpaw22 XS650 Addict

    forward controls.jpg

    These are posted for sale in Richmond Craigslist motorcycle section.

    "Forward controls, as is. Has some where on the brake side, missing brake master cylinder, etc. $100.00"

  17. Visegrippe

    Visegrippe lurker extraordinaire...

    i won't be near my bike till the weekend, if some one could try get accurate measurements of the splines, in mm if possible, i could get these done sooner. Outside Diameter, spline pitch, if possible the depth, and number of teeth.

    not all the dimensions are there in those sketch's, so my version will be exactly that, my version... just so you're warned :)

  18. Visegrippe

    Visegrippe lurker extraordinaire...

    one part modeled, for now... i'll post up the actual drawings when they're all done, just managed to slip that one in on my lunch break...

    i'll post up progress, looks like i won't get down to my bike for measurements until the 20th (it's an hour's drive away), so i'll need those measurements, i might ask for confirmation on other dimensions as i go.

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